Tuesday, January 13, 2009

morning routine

nowadays, since i work in bangsar, i leave home a little earlier in the mornings. either one of my little sweetie pies would be still asleep but sometimes, like this morning, both of them were awake.

i will be extremely in love with my children every morning, other times i still love them but it would be a rushed feeling as the world is rushing along with you. it is only in the mornings would i have the few minutes to treasure. nadia nasira would be very sweet in the mornings, the way she smiles could melt anyone’s heart.

one thing about her is that she wakes up with a smile every morning, ever since she was a baby, that is. now that she can talk, there will always be something to say….like ‘sayang maamy’. she would snuggle up her dad or me whenever she sleeps next to either one of us. ever since she has a brother, her first words would normally be ‘adik’ as she looks searchingly for her brother and comment ‘adik sheeping’. then, she would rush to be by his side which would have disturbed his sleep, of course. if he had just moved a bit, she would go ‘adik mangun, maamy adik mangun’ until he actually wakes up disturbed by her increasingly loud and excited ‘adik mangun’.

whenever her dad is around, he would put her in the car seat while i do the same to the little fellow. as we leave the house after kisses and goodbyes to daddy, i would say ‘nadia nasira, read doa’ and she would put her two tiny hands together until i finish saying the prayers. at the end of the prayers, you can hear a little voice saying ‘amin’as she brings her two hands to her face. i would continue chatting with her, telling her about the different colors in a traffic light, a nearby mosque, children going to school and etc. when i turn into puchong intan, she would go ‘nanni house’, she knows exactly where she is going!

some of the things that she would normally tell me are ‘maamy, go!’ pointing at the traffic light (regardless whether it is green or red), ‘mammy, mosque! daddy allah’, pointing at the mosque. we would sometimes stop to buy some ‘kuih’ especially ‘pap’ for ‘karipap’, she would be most happy.

in the meanwhile, i could hear my little son’s voice in the background. his car seat is facing the rear, which is a shame because i don’t get to speak to him, look at him like what i used to do to nadia nasira when she was a little. he is looking at the maid’s face more than looking at my face, which really upsets me. now, i should work on switching their seats since nadia nasira’s seat is facing the front and muhammad nashwan nasr’s the rear, even, they both could interact, i suppose.

i would drop off the two of them and the maid at the nanni’s house, with a few kisses to both of them, shouting of goodbye and take care of adik and listen to nanni and mummy love you, i would speed to work.

have a blessed day, my little sweetie pies.

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