Tuesday, April 28, 2009


the last day for tax submission is approaching, 30 april 2009. now that it is all done electronically, i had postponed it till the last minute, till today. one of the reasons for the delay was that i have forgotten the password.

in an attempt to get assistance from IRB to reset password, i called the toll-free line but to no avail. i surved the net and found another number which was dedicated for the citizens abroad to call in. i got through and it only took less than 2 minutes the whole process of resetting the password!!! hehehehe that line was freer, i suppose. i congratulated myself for being smart.

i logged into the system but the pageloads took forever due to the traffic congesstion. i'm sure that there are so many of them like me, keeping it to the last minute. it took me the whole afternoon to log in and re-load numerous times. i'm at the last stage of the declaration process and the computer hang!!!! so, while i wait for it to re-load, i'm putting my thoughts here.

my husband and i decided that separate tax declaration is more beneficial. therefore, we opted for separate declaration and i get to claim tax examption for the children. let's call it the benefit of child bearing!!!

oh well, i'm glad the whole process of e-filing was completed on time and guess what, i have overpaid tax through the PCB deduction. Now, i shall wait for a refund!!!

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