Wednesday, April 15, 2009


as i was driving to work the other day, i kept on changing the radio channels and stopped at 91.10FM. i am not so sure of what language was it....jawa or orang there such, i am not so sure? the song that was on air was 'syurga di telapak kaki ibu' by Aishah. it was such a moving song.... i cried as i was listening to the song, thinking of my mum.

i am glad that the Almighty Allah had given me the opportunity to be a mother. i realised as i was listening to the song that Allah has given a mother such a divine position. the only prayers that gets Allah's special attention for immediate granting is the prayers of a mother for her children.

how many children do actually realise the position of a mother in their lives. mother, she put her life at stake in bringing us into this world, converts her blood into milk to feed her children, she endures every discomfort to tend to her children, her countless sacrifice.... and the list goes on. we are indebted to her eternally.

have we ever said to her in simple words 'thank you, mother'? maybe we have on a rare occasion but rather than in mere words, i call upon all children to show their gratitude and appreciation in the saying goes, 'actions speaks louder than words' and that is everyday in our lives.

and to my mother....let the world be witness, maa, i love you unexplainably and may your endless prayers for your children be heard and granted by the Lord Almighty. and how do i forget my dearest atta, i remember all your hardwork to provide for us, your firm upbringing, your encouraging words and how we all feared you and studied hard but only i had my way with you, hahahaha.

on this note, a tribute to my mother in law and the father in law i never knew.

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