Thursday, April 2, 2009

muhammad nashwan nasr - another milestone

phew!!! finally!!! muhammad nashwan nasr slept in his crib last night, waking up only for his feeds. since he was born, he slept on the bed with all of us and sometimes, i ended up sleeping on the floor. i had always worried that he might fall from the bed. in fact, he did. a few weeks ago. but thank the almighty, he fell on a pillow that he must have earlier pushed down. now that he had started crawling, i really wanted him to sleep in his crib instead so that i could sleep peacefully without having to worry about his safety. i thought that it was going to be an uphill task but thank god, it wasn't. hope he likes it in there.

when nadia nasira was a baby and had started crawling, we didn't have to worry much because she was more matured and understood a lot of things. i have even thought her how to crawl down from the bed. so much so that one day when she was between 10 to 12 months old, she crawled down the bed and crawled out of the room following the direction of her parents voices (we were quite loud arguing about something). i got her to sleep in the crib by asking her to hold my hand until she fell asleep. she did sleep in the crib until her brother arrived.

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