Thursday, April 30, 2009


when i went into my bedroom to check on my lolly pops sleeping, i saw my son had rolled away from his bedding on the floor. my daughter had moved to the edge of the bed. i exclaimed, oh my god, anakku. so i adjusted their sleeping positions and sat down by nadia nasira to watch her sleep. so peaceful was the look on her face... i love her even more at that moment.... my son, he is soooo comel in his sleeping position!!!!

love is so intangible that you can never measure how much you actually love someone. maybe because Allah has blessed me with generosity in loving. my heart is able to feel the love for the entire human kind and that, in abundance.

my heart is ever overflowing with love for my dear children that can't be contained in mere words. it is a feeling that leaves you with teary eyes. i am so thankful to the almighty lord for blessing me with my treasure, indeed, they are!!! i find solace and tranquility in loving them endlessly.

and a heap of thanks to their daddy (for co-production)!!! hahahaha

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