Wednesday, April 22, 2009

a walk in the neighbourhood

just after saying goodbye to daddy who was going to work, mummy took the children for a walk in the neighbourhood, a rare one that is. the sky was clear. it felt really nice to go for the evening walk in your own neighbourhood, saying hello to all those neighbours you have never seen.

thanks to nadia nasira who wanderred off on her own regardless of what mummy said just to make friends with lokman and alisha. lokman is a malay boy aged 3 and alisha is an indian muslim girl aged 5. i said hello to lokman's mummy and also to alisha's mummy who then appeared from inside her house. they live in the 2 and a half storey section of the neighbourhood. much to my surprise, alisha's mummy is an indian citizen married to the owner of a chain of restaurants. she has 5 children, all conversing in english. she comes from the same district as my mummy, has a degree in physiology and appears to be a contented housewife. she is as thrilled as i am to have met. then came joshua... i thought to myself... a real multi-racial environment which i am happy to stay.

it was about maghrib time and we said our good byes...see you soon!!! on my way back, a chinese lady said hello and 'don't you recognise me?'.... i was caught offguard and had to be honest to say no. she introduced herself as jenny, poh kong subang parade.... 'ooooooohhhh, im sorry i didn't recognise you'. she attends to my husband's gold buying sessions before i came into the picture, they even bought my merisik ring from her.

we came home, feeling happy to have explored the neighbourhood and neighbours.

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