Tuesday, April 7, 2009


sunday - zoo negara

daddy wanted to take the children to the zoo.

it was what we did when nadia nasira was about muhammad nashwan nasr's age. although my son didn't really know how to appreciate the outing, it was sure an experience for him.

daddy wanted nadia nasira to look at the real bear and tell her that it is not so huge as the A&W bear. it sure worked, i suppose. nadia nasira now thinks that bears are some cute little thing like her soft toys and i don't hear anything about the bear anymore, not even 'haaaa, bear, big bear'.

the sad part was it rained. so, we couldn't cover as many animals as we did the last time. well, we can always makes another trip though.

this little fellow wasn't too happy...what an expression!

wow, what had tickled this little fellow, it's the parrot!!!

looking at the tortise

what now? nadia nasira is thumb sucking

waiting for the tram

on the tram...

nanni wanted to feed the ellies

friendly son of mine

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