Tuesday, May 19, 2009

watching tv

as much as i had discouraged nadia nasira from watching tv eversince she was a baby..... i couldn't do the same with my son or my daughter any longer. i was the one who got nadia nasira hooked onto watching tv especially at night before she goes to bed. this is because muhammad nashwan nasr refused to be carried by the maid the moment he sees me in the evening, let alone during bedtime!!! he would cry for hours until i come to his rescue.

therefore, what i do to manage the situation is that i would switch on the tv channel 613... nadia nasira would then lay on the sofa watching tv while sucking her thumb. i would try to quickly put my son to sleep and get nadia nasira to sleep too. but nowadays, it is rather difficult to get her off the tv and get into bed. she would scream, 'tak mau tido, mummy!!! sigh.... i am really exhausted nowadays and i don' t have the energy to put up with this.

i need to resort to an alternative to keep her occupied while i put muhammad nashwan nasr to sleep.

notice the eyes....wanting to watch tv even in the wee hours....

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