Wednesday, June 3, 2009

how would you like your boss to be?

currently, i have the privilege to day dream on how would i like my boss to be.... hmm, well done. kidding!!!

let's see, depending on the gender, of course. if it's a female, nothing less than what pn. suriati was to me. a mentor, a trusted friend, a mummy, a sister and finally a boss, exercising her authority when i am too difficult to be handled. but then again, that was close to a 10 year relationship, it only got better by the day.

now, if it's a male..... a mentor, a trusted friend and certainly having all the qualities of the man of my dreams..... hmmm, richard gere (english speaking, much older, greying hair, most intelligent, appearing to be wiser, ever ready with solutions to hiccups, never lose his coolness even at the most challenging situation i put him into and most importantly, charming!!!!) i know, i know....well, i need the motivation to come to work and spend most of the time of my life in his company, get it!!!

by the way, the position of my immediate superior has been advertised but sadly, the above was not included as part of the qualifying criteria for the applicants.

let's hope for the best. what a pity....i would prefer pn. suriati anytime anyday!!!

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