Wednesday, July 8, 2009

first steps...

it was just yesterday, i posted on muhammad nashwan nasr's ability to stand without support which was improving over the last month...

yesterday, i was in for a surprise... i went to pick the children up. as usual, my son would show his delightfulness in seeing me home from office. i greeted nadia nasira and picked him up. after a while, i put him down close to the sofa and went on talking to my MIL. i glanced over my shoulder to check on him. i saw him standing at the sofa...when i glanced over again, i saw him step away from the sofa...two tiny wobbly steps before he lost it.

i esclaimed with so much happiness, showered him with hugs and kisses. my boy sure enjoyed the attention. it was one of his first steps... steps that shifted him from a baby to toddlerhood at 13 1/2 months. it was the milestone that i was waiting for. now i can let him walk in the park instead of strapping him up in the stroller or carrying him.

may his first steps and all his steps to follow be guided by the Almighty Allah. may the right path be his desired path and may the blessings of Allah is rain-showered throughout his path.

i tried to replay the moments so that i could capture them.....not so much of a success.


  1. May Allah bless this young Khalifah.. :)


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