Tuesday, August 25, 2009

mouse story

i took my children for a drive last night... muhammad nashwan nasr was fussing a bit, probably too sleepy. nadia nasira had started her thumb sucking...a clear sign that she was also sleepy. i heard her say in her tiny winy sleepy voice...mummy, mouse story (eyes closed and still sucking her thumb). and i said, 'let's wait until nashwan nasr stop crying, then, mummy will tell you the story'.

after a while, there was silence. my son had stopped crying and probably gone to sleep in his car seat. i thought nadia nasira had also fallen asleep... NO! mummy, adik dah stop crying. i said, 'so'? she said in a matter of factly tone, 'soooo, tell mouse story'...

ooppsss.... the mouse story isn't forgotten. and she can answer to my 'so'!!!

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