Saturday, January 9, 2010

happy birthday basaria

it is my 36th birthday today. i share my birthday with my dear sis... i was born 5 years later on a day my mum was making kaseri with banu mami for her first born's birthday. she felt THE pain and had me late at night before the day was over. this fact is something special i share with my mum and my sis. i look back at the long journey i have taken thusfar and count every blessings along the way... i had a relatively wonderful childhood, studied smart and out of fear (i have yet to get my form 3 SRP trial exam report book signed by my dad though i got some As and the aggreegate was 9....thank God for scoring straight As in the real SRP exams), learnt many fruitful and painful lessons of life, stumbled, stood up and walked with head held high and made it in life where i am now. i have no regrets whatsoever looking back...only nostalgic over the past memories. no point because there is nothing i can do about it anyway. i thank God for all the beautiful things i have been blessed with. i thank parents and my siblings for being part of my life in the last 36 years... i thank my husband & family and the joy of my life, little nadia nasira and muhammad nashwan nasr, the additions for the last 4 years. last year...i was with my family in ipoh.... the two birthday girls this year....i was with my family in puchong... i cooked nasi lemak for breakfast. later, we took muhammad nashwan nasr and nadia nasira to the playschool nadia nasira learnt the different colours. this is her piece of art muhammad nashwan ansr sat down for a second chop on his hand. we went to a traditional malay kampung lunch we took the children to pyramid as daddy wanted to get crocs for the children. here is nadia nasira choosing her crocs. she chose my son wouldn't stand found freedom in his crocs at my mil's, nadia nasira and my sil appeared with the sweet... yummy yummy something to remember for years to come. my mil told me to take a solo pic so that i could show the children that i was still beautiful at the age of 36. this is what made my life worth it happy birthday to mummy we went to a midnight movie afterwards. i am so happy with my choice of the movie. i laughed for 3 hours watching this comedy which had my favourite actor madhavan, aamir khan and the other new face. a real good laugh for 3 straight hours sure did good to my soul... i am so blessed to have so many friends and relatives wishing me happy birthday. may i be blessed with all the goodies in life.... Allah bless us all with hidayah, health, wealth, lots of love and happiness.

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  1. I em David Basaria, I am from Georgia, Tbilisi, I am veri happy bekouze i see Basaria in World..... my meil:; i vould like meet yuo, senks, and good by. I hope you asck me


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