Tuesday, January 19, 2010

my first A

i am an overly proud mama of a 34 month old little chatter box...

recently, i bought my little girl ABC books for her to learn to write her A B Cs. one evening after her dinner, we sat down together at the dining table (as her study table is too low that her brother could reach us in no time) and i held her hand to write her first letter A.

i held her hand to write the first row and let her write the second under supervision. i left her alone for a while and when i came back, she announced that she wrote ...(i think she doesn't know what she was writing). oh yes, she wrote 2 As on the forth row on her own. it was such a proud moment for me.

when i taught her mummy A for capital A and baby a for small letter a, she asked me where was daddy Aa? for a 34 month old girl.... i thought i was intelligent enough to come up with that. with the way she responded to me, i ask myself ...have i insulted her intelligence?

i know that children's attention span shall only last for short period of time. therefore, i let her go the moment she becomes restless. i also offer her stickers as a reward for writing.

i pray that i will play a major role in their important milestone. i pray i will have many proud moments looking at my dear children accomplish, reaching the heights of success both in academic and both lives.

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