Wednesday, May 12, 2010

does my husband love me?

how do you know whether your husband loves you?

you know when:

1. he gives up the cooler part of the comfy bed he sleeps with his son for you to sleep so that you don't get body ache from sleeping on the single bed adjacent to the other bed.

2. he buys soy bean drink so that you have enough protein.

3. he buys saffron for you to mix in the soy bean drink and drink it.

4. he carries the babies.

5. he takes your potty trained daughter to toilet every night.

6. he buys mutton because that is the only meat you want to eat.

7. he does many other house chores and takes care of the children so that you can sleep.

8. he rather eat a ramli burger for dinner so that you can rest.

hahahahahaha...... all of the above are the privileges of a pregnant mother. i love you darling husband!!!

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