Wednesday, May 19, 2010

nadia nasira's first teachers' day

teachers' day fell on 16 may 2010 which was on a sunday, the day nadia nasira had her performance.

i made a small gift for nadia nasira's teacher hanna so that she could give her teacher the next schooling day. earlier that day, my friends and i were chatting on the email and my friend, khine mentioned that she owes her son's teacher one since she helped her son make a nice mothers' day gift for her. it is very true.

during beditime, i told nadia nasira that i will make a small gift for her teacher and she was excited about it. she even told her daddy that mummy was going to make a gift for her teacher. i gathered a lot of stuffs around the house that can be used to be put together and make a nice gift. i wanted it to look like a craft that her teacher used to help her students do. this is the outcome. some chocolates and lollypops in a small basket and a small paperbag for her to carry the basket in.

daddy put the gift in her bag and sent her off to school. i called her teacher later and she was very happy. she thanked me. she told me that nadia nasira had first thing in the morning wished her and gave her the present. must have been so sweet to receive the gift and wishes from a three year old.

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