Tuesday, May 11, 2010

nashwan nasr at alimkids

muhammad nashwan nasr has started playschool…..

every morning, when we were busy with sending nadia nasira off to school, my dear son would cry as he also wanted to follow. poor baby....

so, we decided to register him at the alimkids playschool just like his sister. he used to follow his sister but at that time he was still very much a baby.... he is still though. he was all excited to wear his sister's alimkids t-shirt and backpack.

well, i think we started off right... there were only a few children there with their mummies. nashwan nasr's first reaction when the teacher spoke to him was to hug my leg. oh, he was so shy though he was so hyperactive when he followed his sister. the teacher said, i think he knows he is the student now. much to my astonishment, my son proved me wrong (i thought he was so much a baby so he wouldn't actually concentrate in the activities carried out) by following the teacher's movement in the good morning song.

alas, once the class started, a bunch of ladies with their toddlers and babies entered. apparently, they are from the shah alam alimkids whose teacher disappeared and these mothers wanted to try out the usj branch. the room was so crowded. my son got distracted when he saw the babies.... then, his sister entered to help her brother. it was such a mess. i wish there were lesser children in the class and there were no babies so that my son could concentrate. i also learnt that my daughter will have to stay home there next time i take my son.

i guess i will still take my son for the next session but if the place is still crowded, i will have to go to the other alimkids branch at 3C near sunway pyramid. it appears that they start module 1 every month so i can start his playschool from A.

he is smiling for the camera lah konon...

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