Wednesday, June 30, 2010

good things we have in life...

my friends came up with a list of good things we have in life that we have to be thankful for....

1) Islam as my religion
2) Happy family
3) Good health (altho doctor found blood in my urine so please pray girls that it is nothing, going to see doctor later)
4) A job that pays salary (ignoring the stress that comes along with it)
5) A roof over my head and a car that takes me around
6) Fantastic bunch of friends

my mother and family
beautiful healthy children
crazy (in a gd way) frends
islam as a my religion (too)
a great sense of humour
home n ride too
a job dats ok
interesting past
my own garden
a relatively peaceful country

1. faith in Allah
2. healthy parents alhamdulillah
3. great adik beradik, hubby n kids
4. happy in current job, with current boss n current colleagues
5. generally happy, busy life with great friends n neighbours too :)
6. always a surprise around the corner - so there's always sthing to look fwd to
7. lots of plans - whether berjaya or not is another matter. but head is swimming with ideas and possibilities :D
8. plenty of interests n hobbies to keep me occupied
9. have personal strength to get through things
10. have gd ppl to rely on in case i dont make it on my own

1. islam as my religion
2. wonderful family (great mum and dad, siblings, families in law, nieces and nephews)
3. priceless children and a good friend for a husband
4. a good health and a salary paying job that also pays all the medical bills
5. a nice house and a car
6. fantastic friends and people around me
7. a good heart
8. quite a smart brain
9. strength of a woman and independence

and some of the things mentioned above by my friends.... i am sure there are many more little little things that i failed to mention here...

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