Friday, June 25, 2010

older men vs older women

i attended a forum yesterday at jalan timur office and had lunch at amcorp mall with a few collegues. as we were walking towards our respective cars at the carpark after lunch, a male colleague made a comment along this line... i noticed that men, as they grow older, they have more choices of younger women.

since i had already approached my car, i couldn't think of a witty answer to that. i just said... look at the number of kids slippers in my car... we women are not interested in that. i got into my car and reflected on what he said earlier.

when i got to my office, i called his extension:

me: i have an answer to what you said earlier.
him: (he laughed) you had the time to think of your come back, is it? (so typical of me isn't it? i wouldn't let him go with that statement.)
me: as we women grow older, we are more interested in men who are matured and stable rather than some young immatured guys. unlike men who go after young women to compensate for their insecurity.
him: and then, what?
me: we have a matured relationship.

well, i guess it is true except for those relationships that turn into extra marital affairs. that is inviting disaster lah. generally speaking, we women would need good friends who are able to enrich our lives and provide the feel good factor, if you know what i mean.

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