Tuesday, December 28, 2010


i had connection problem with the internet and intranet at the office yesterday. without those two communication channel, a lot of work are left undone in today's world. thus, i had so much free time that i finally decided to carry out 5S instead.

i found the last two payment receipts of my study loan back in 2007. i have no idea i had kept them. it was so timely because i had recently received a lawyer's notice requesting me to pay the balance within 14 days failing which blah...blah...blah... i fumed with my anger at the lawyer's office since they were the party who had initially issued the payment receipts. it was due to their inefficiencies that i received such a notice and therefore, i requested them to rectify immediately. ceewaah... pantang nenek moyang aku!

the irony of it all is.....5S is the initiative i least appreciate. thank you 5S!

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