Tuesday, December 28, 2010


some wee hours of the nights long time ago, i used to write doa that i wanted to recite in my prayers. while i was doing 5S, i found this doa that i wrote before i got married.


ya allah, ya tuhan kami,
peace be upon the holy prophet muhammad s.a.w

ya allah, i pray for my peace of heart and mind in all aspects of my life in good times and bad times. everything comes from you and shall return to you.

ya allah, bestow upon me good virtues of humbleness, patience, just, leadership, good thoughts and good words, strength of heart and mind and all other values that will show me towards the righteousness in life.

ya allah, bestow upon me the rightful rizq and wealth so that i would be able to contribute to the betterment of others around me.

ya allah, protect me from segala bebanan hutang and help me to spend my rizq prudently and avoid worthless expenditure.

ya allah, bestow your blessings upon me the priceless rizq in the form of a husband and children. ya allah, bless me with a husband who is right for me in dunia and akhirah. bestow upon me a sense of belonging to where i belong to in dunya and akhirah.

ya allah, bestow upon me the blessings on all the goodness for me in this life and hereafter.

ya allah, i pray for your blessings to those who loves me and who i love. bestow upon my family health, wealth, peace, iman and happiness. ya allah, bless my parents with peace of heart, mind and iman.

ya allah, i pray for your blessings to all those who have been kind to me and bestow upon them your blessings that you bestow upon me and my family and much more. may all of them benefit from this prayer.

show us the right path. for those who i have wronged and those who have wronged me, may you reconcile us should that be the best for us....

this doa i re-typed as is without editing as it was a thought process and flow of words from the heart...

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