Tuesday, December 28, 2010


my children had been exposed to the idea of kumon methodology of learning for quite sometime their cousins are also attending kumon. whenever we were back in my hometown, they are actively involved when their cousins are doing their daily worksheets. they would take their activity books and pretend that it was their kumon worksheets.

since i am into this idea of strategic thinking of children's development, one day I realised that it would be a good idea if nadia nasira had started reading. it will occupy her time and reduce siblings squabbling. may be the brother would benefit from having an elder sister who is able to read. furthermore, reading habit must be inculcated when they are young.

i googled for a kumon centre nearby my house and found one. the instructor requested me to bring my daughter for an assessment to determine her level though i know she would starting from the lowest level. we decided to bring both my toddlers for the assessment. we arrived there quite late due to traffic jam. there were lots and lots chinese students including toddlers with their parents...so many of them in that centre. i had already made up mind to look for another centre.

as assistant instructor greeted us and brought my children in for the assessment. i was surprised that parents were not allowed. my husband said... that is nashwan crying. true enough… he was. poor baby...wanted his mummy. this made me think of nadia nasira's early days of going to school. the instructor allowed me to sit with them while they go on with their assessment. nadia nasira did quite well in the assessment. she answered it all. she was able to associate pictures and words. however, she was unable to recognize words. it was interesting to watch how they deduce an answer.

As for muhammad nashwan nasr, it was funny watching him and the assessor. i saw role reversal where my son was teaching the instructor. since I was with him, he wasn't anxious at all and very confident, instead. he was also able to associate pictures and words. funny the way he interpreted the pictures… these were the pics and his answers:

Man catching fish : man pukul fish
A cup & saucer: kopi
Flower: pokok

We had a discussion with the instructor to discuss the results and the program, both maths and english. we decided to send nadia nasira in january while muhammad nashwan nasr needs to go to a proper school first and get the concept of sitting down and listening to the teacher before he can be sent.

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