Friday, December 10, 2010

selamat maju jaya....

it was upsr results day...

my eldest niece sat for the exams. i volunteered to go get the results with my children. i love taking my children to their cousin's school.

i was very emotional. as if i had the sixth sense, i knew she would have gotten fabulous results. there were tears of joy in my eyes as i walked towards her classroom, holding my older two on each hand. i entered her classroom and only then the teacher took out the results slip. as she said tahniah, tears rolled down my cheeks. i couldn't speak a word.

my children were wondering why i cried. after the emotional moment, i snapped some photographs of her with her teacher and friends. i called my sister and my mother for my niece to relay her good news. we went about looking for my other niece and nephew to show them the slip. we left the school together. as i drove home, i reflected on my penilaian results which made my parents proud.

you see, she is my favourite niece. i was 24 when she was born... when i first saw her hours after she was born, i had tears as well (alright, i cry when i can't contain the extremes of emotions be it happiness or anger). i told her... i finally can call her ours... i nurtured this baby with love as if she was mine. since i was on my graduation leave and her mother back in school, i was with her round the clock.

she is the little sister i never had.... congratulations and may Allah bestow on her success in all her undertakings.

my niece with her class teacher and my children. can you see the confused look on my nadia nasira?

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