Friday, February 18, 2011

God's work of art

moments ago, i said to niza.... sometimes, i think God is so brilliant. what an understatement!

what i meant was when i actually ponder about God's creation (which is sometimes), i'm amazed at its perfection. the thought process put into the design, had it been a human being, was so brilliant, flawless!

simple example.... when i breastfeed (no matter how many litres of water i consumed only moments before), i would feel thirsty as if i had run a mile under burning hot sun. i ponder upon it and i realised that God had designed it in such a way to ensure mothers replenish the liquid lost.

every detail is so thought of and therefore, i believe that He orchestrates this universe perfectly. our humanly mind should be more accepting to things that we have no control over as there is a divine power that presses the right buttons of our moves.

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