Monday, February 7, 2011

my masterpieces

during my school days, one of the subject that i least looked forward to was art lessons. it seemed so difficult and i had least interest in it. however, i used to marvel at some of my classmates' art pieces as well as those in reader's digest. i used to wonder what does it take to produce those quality art pieces.

i would hate those art lessons, maybe because i was lousy at it. the defense mechanism was to hate it altogether. over the years, i used to observe and learn some techniques from a few students who were good at it. i signed up to include art as one of subjects in the major examinations. i would spend weekends practicing painting. i didn't have a good visual imagination but i was a good copy-cat. i would copy some of the paintings as part of my practice.

from getting less than 25/50 or boarderline, i gradually got better marks. i think the best i could do was 34/50. in the major examination, i got c3 in SPM and c6 SRP. i grew to love art so much that i hope one day, i will own the best painting materials and go for some lessons. i hope to be able to paint in my retirement age. hopefully, i still have good eyesight...

the one person who know how much i loved art was my mother. on sundays, she will buy me anything i wanted to paint that day from the market. when i went home the other day, i found my art pieces carefully kept by my mum, the oldest is 23 years while the rest was ranging from 23 to 25 years old.

i love them so dearly....

the funny thing about this piece is that i happened to do a similar painting above and they have a lot in common. i painted them in different years.

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