Tuesday, July 5, 2011

mohammad nazhan and muhammad nazhan nasr

if you have a best friend for life and you know that insya Allah, there won't come a day when you both will hold grudges against each other... it is nice to name your sons with the same name....

eight years ago when my friend delivered her son, i asked her if she was going to name her son nashwan... she named him to something very close instead i.e. nazhan. i loved the name immediately. much to my surprise, i forgot the incident and named my son nashwan because both my husband and i loved the name.

when i found out that i was expecting a boy in my third pregnancy... i simply knew that he was going to be muhammad nazhan nasr and proposed it to my husband. i always had left it to my husband to finally decide on my children's names as it is the husband's responsibility to do so. i was so happy that he decided on muhammad nazhan nasr.

here are the two nazhans... mohammad nazhan and muhammad nazhan nasr.

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