Sunday, July 31, 2011

muhammad nazhan nasr

muhammad nazhan nasr is fast approaching his 1st year birthday.  we are so thrilled about it.  i carried out my own photo shoot of him using my camera sony DSC T100 for my sister in law to come up with his birthday banner.

muhammad nazhan nasr was looking extremely handsome during his photo shoot... amazingly, i captured gestures and facial expressions that i have never noticed before.

i think my son is such a handsome darling.... i am sorry baby for not being there for you as much i wish i could in this first year of yours but i know i still engineer your every development in the ways only i know.  i may not be there in person, beta but mummy sure is in spirit with mummy's children all the time.  that is why i have decided to breastfeed you as long as i could even if it is beyond your two years of age, God willing. breastfeeding ensures the closeness and seals the bonding of a mother and a child.  i thank Allah for this wonderful miricle.....

you are my son, baby, my third miricle....

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  1. Hi greeneyes,

    Happy birthday to your baby and enjoy your motherhood! May he grow up well and be happy, always.


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