Wednesday, October 15, 2008

moving house

we had finally moved into our new house!!!! yeah....and sigh!

i had been packing and packing even before muhammad nashwan nasr was born, just in case. and that was may 2008. i continued doing the packing with my maid's help and finally, my husband announced that we were going to move.

my husband azan in our new house on a malam jumaat, 25th september 2008, signifying entry to new house. we brought with us rice, asam jawa, salt, sugar to also signify entry to new house. we had breaking fast for the family that everning and prayed magrib. i called a few movers and checked out the rates, negotiated and my husand agreed on one. it was really cheap furthermore, we were just moving from the old phase to new phase. that weekend, just a few days before eid ul fitri, it all happened. we moved.

the lorry driver picked up some of my husband's pre-married stuff from my MIL's and continued at our rented house. there were two bangladeshis with the indian lorry driver to do
#the loading and unloading works. they were complaining that it was their 4th house for the day and they look so exhausted. i felt sad for them. such hard work to earn a living. i was then, really amazed at my husband who lend a helping hand to them. i was in tears looking at him loading and unloading, he didn't have to do that but that is my husband....they worked from 3pm to 11.30pm, 3 trips that night.

we slept at my MIL's house and went to the new house on that sunday. my husband was working that night, the first night we were in the new house. i felt sad he wasn't around. the house had good security system which constantly reminds us of the insecurity we felt.

my husband only returned from work on tuesday night, the night before eid ul fitri. i packed all the stuffs to go to my MIL's house for the eid celebration and then, to continue the celebration at my family house back in ipoh.

we returned from celebrating eid and then the unpacking started. we unpacked and unpacked and unpacked and yet to finish unpacking.....
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