Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin


dear readers,

my family and i would like to wish all of you and your families a blessed aidilfitri and may this joyous occasion for all Muslims signifies a personal triumph, a victory of self-restraint and abstinence, symbolising purification and renewal.

may the mood of ibadah continues throughout our lives and may you welcome ramadhan and aidilfitri with your families for many many years to come...

from us....


i was listening to light fm this morning on my way to work. the topic of discussion was about a 62 year old mother who was seeking advice on what to do since her son has not been speaking to her for the last six months... listeners were supposed to call in and give their two cents worth of advice...

a lady who sounded elderly as well called in and commented... this 62 year old mother has failed.... there is no reason for the son not to talk to her if she had raised him well!!!

i was fuming with anger as i listened to her talking. how dare she pass this kind of a judgement! the poor mother is probably in despair and what would she feel listening to such a statement, did she think? what if she were to be in the same shoes?

i thought of my mother... i remembered those days when i was much younger, i used to argue a lot with her and pass irresponsible and hurting comments. there was once when i did that during my university years, my mother cried. i felt so bad afterwards. i told myself that it is not worth to argue with her since i felt miserable each time. i was determined to never repeat that so my solution was to turn a deaf ear to the issues that may give rise to an argument. many ok oks and a loud MAAA did the trick even until today. i cannot bear it to see her cry. i know she still does on her prayer mat when any of her children is having hard times.

my mother has six children and she dedicates her life to each of us. if we were to do what i did, she will have to bear six heartbreaks and if we were to do it everyday, simple maths will tell you the number of times a day that she will have heartbreaks. how much pain will she have to endure? she has her own issues and worries as well to deal with. the more children a mother has the more she will have to bear everything in multiples!

if only every child were to reflect on his/her mother... her sacrifices, her selflessness, her unconditional love that will envelope you when the world turned its back on you, her assurance that everything will be fine despite her silent tears and prayers for you, the strength that she gives you by merely being there for you, every little things she has done for you, etc., you will never want to be a kurang ajar child!

the most uneducated mother is a mother, the ugliest mother is a mother, the poorest mother is a mother etc... for the love of a mother is divine... for a mother is divine in the eyes of Allah! Perish you shall without the blessings of your mother.

and so, Allah said,

Your Lord and Sustainer has decided for you that you do not worship any but Him, and (He has determined) beautiful conduct to the two parents. If one or both of the two of them reaches the greatness of age, so do not say a harsh word to them, but speak to them generously. And lower the wing of humility, out of gentleness, and say, "My Lord and Sustainer, be gentle to them just as they cherished me when I was small." - Surah al-Isra ayat 23-24

And the following is narrated by the grandfather of Bahz ibn Hakim; reported by Abu Huraira:

I asked, "Messenger of Allah, to whom should I be dutiful?" He replied, "Your mother." I asked, "Then whom?" He replied, "Your mother." I asked, "Then whom?" He replied, "Your mother." I asked, "Then whom?" He replied, "Your mother." I asked, "Then to whom should I be dutiful?" He replied, "Your father, and then the next closest relative and then the next."

Your respect and your honour to?
Who should you pay good mind to - after Allah,
And Rasullullah?
Comes your Mother,
Who next? Your Mother
Who next? Your Mother
And then your Father

Cause who used to hold you
And clean you and clothe you?
Who used to feed you
And always be with you?
When you were sick, stay up all night,
Holding you tight?
That’s right no other, your Mother

Who should you take good care of,
Giving all your love?
Who should you think the most of - after Allah
And Rasullullah?
Comes your Mother,
Who next? Your Mother
Who next? Your Mother
And then your Father

Cause who used to hear you
Before you could talk?
Who used to hold you
Before you could walk?
And when you fell, who’d pick you up?
Clean your cut?
No one but, your Mother, your Mother

Who should you stay right close to?
Listen most to?
Never say no to – after Allah And Rasullullah?
Comes your Mother,
Who next? Your Mother
Who next? Your Mother
And then your Father

Cause who used to hug you
And buy you new clothes?
Comb your hair and blow your nose?
And when you cried who wiped your tears?
Knows your fears?
Who really cares?
Your Mother

Say Alhamdulillah,
Thank you Allah Thank You Allah for my Mother

Monday, September 6, 2010

advanced eid celebration...

i had a second round of advanced eid celebration at my MIL's... the menu was similar to the one at my mum's with two added items. we had nasi minyak, dalca, mutton kurma, lemang and rendang. my craving for the eid food was well rewarded...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

signs of jealousy and possessiveness

my husband and i are good friends... we are not the lovey dovey couple so we don't really demonstrate affection in front of the kids. so, my children are not used to seeing mummy and daddy hugging or kissing...

while waiting to go home after our outing last night, i stretched out on the sofa at my MIL's on my husband's lap. my son was upset at the sight and insisted that i got up. then, i stretched out on carpet. my husband did the same beside me. i looked up at my son who was looking at me with a troubled look on his face. he came to me, held my hand and pulled me away from daddy and asked me to sit on another sofa... is that a sign of jealousy and possessiveness?

thank god, i am having another son! i really don't want to raise the only mummy's son... i really hope the brothers will get along well and be good friends.

two minutes

the traffic light was red and i stopped. i glanced at the time, it was 7:08 am. absentmindedly, i looked at the cars that sped past me. i looked at my son who was sleeping peacefully being slumped into the carseat. i glanced at the rear, smiling at my daughter who was half awake. she smiled back a matter of fact smile and looked away. in the background, there were the selawat which i switch on every morning. suddenly, i felt that i had been at the traffic light for so long and i glanced at the time again irritatedly, it was 7:10 am.

oh my God, did the two minutes feel this long, i wondered... the answer came to my mind, it felt long to me but for some people, it could have made a lot of difference... the guy who was late to work 2 minutes survived the september 11 disaster!

two minutes can make a lot of difference in our lives... appreciate every single moment that you get to enjoy this wonderful life God has spared us and be patient whenever there are hiccups... the hiccups could be that 2 minutes in your life.

pesanan terakhir...

it is ramadhan and i am 34 weeks pregnant. i have been having contractions now and then and the doctor said the baby is engaged and i could be delivering anytime.

i accompanied my husband to eat his sahur this morning while i prepared his tea. he is going on one of his trips this morning after sahur... i needed to tell him this so i blurted out...

if anything were to happen to me, please take care of the kids... i started crying! always keep in touch with my family. you maafkan i for everything, halalkan makan minum i, jangan tuntut ape-ape kat akhirat... he said, hey, i nak pergi kerja ni tau. i replied, the more i have to tell you all these... bayar all my hutang from my money, i don't want anyone to tuntut even 10 cents from me kat akhirat, announce kat facebook and ask if i ade hutang sape-sape. bagi harta i kat my children, duit bagi sikit kat my parents and your mother... give nadia nasira the letters i wrote to her. i poured out all that i wanted to tell my all children in those letters. raise the children up like how i would have raised them. you know how i want them raised. agama is very important... what i said now applies anytime not just for this delivery tau!

i know my husband, he must have been terharu listening to me. he kissed me good bye this morning and told me to hold on... tahan ye, don't go to the labor room until i return on saturday... i was folding away the newborn clothes while he put my hospital bag in the car...

well, i felt good that i was able to tell him what may seem the last words... he is a good husband, the way he knows best... hahaha can be improved along the way. you know, i feel loved by him the most during this period in my life... pre labor room time!

iftar outing

we went out as a family together with my MIL and SIL for iftar at my MIL's favourite eat out spot... A&W. i guess it brought her the memories with my FIL... the plan was to go iftar and later to mont kiara coffee bean where i used to take pics everytime i am an expectant mother about to deliver a baby. this is my third time around!

here are the pics...

whose stomach is bigger....

advanced eid celebration

i'm 34 weeks and during my last ante-natal check up, the doctor said that the baby is already engaged...

most likely, i wouldn't be able to travel back to my hometown for the eid celebration i so look forward to. i'd be 36 weeks then! i so wanted my mum's nasi minyak, dalca and mutton dishes! last weekend, we went back to my mum's and had a feast of nasi minyak, dalca and mutton dishes and still hoping to go back should there be no contractions. we decided to play it by the ear....

my trip brought me down the memory lane...we, brothers and sisters used to wake up for sahur those days... my sisters would heat the dishes and we all sat at the dining table, quickly ate our sahur so that we can go back to sleep... the early days in ramadhan, we sat around my eldest sister after eating to read the niat since we would all have forgotten what we read the last year. one of my fondest memories during ramadhan is having sahur together with my maternal grandmother. she is ancient but yet going strong fasting until this ramadhan.

oh yes, my mum also made some muruku for me to bring back with me... those days, we will have kala mami or one of the indian neighbours come over to help my mum with the dough while we the sisters and brothers will form the muruku... i only love my mother's muruku... the taste remains the same till today...

now, i need to complete the advanced eid celebration with lemang and rendang as well as my MIL's mutton kurma before i go into confinement....

best hair day in years!

during my single days, i had always rebonded my hair, coloured them and i had the best of looks.
nowadays, my hair is tied up in a bun all the time since i run around with my kids.... so, i told my husband that i wanted to go for a hair wash and get my hair blown straight as i was tired of my looks in the mirror. the best part is that i have the healthiest hair now that i am expecting, probably due to the vitamins that i take....such thick curly long hair. i also wanted to take some shots with the hair and the look....

this is me at the saloon...

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