Wednesday, December 31, 2008

memories in EWRM

5S audit... this used to be my room since 2004
presenting in one of the risk management forums

one of the jamuan hari raya

group photo after conducting a risk assessment workshop in PD

risk assessment workshop for REMACO

kak russ, me, eida and wan rita at one of the risk management forum

the risk manager of petronas, TM, Pn. Suriati and En. Anuar

CFO and other GMs

team building in PD Condo

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

a farewell note

From: Basaria Ahayanutheen
Sent: 30 December 2008 10:26
To: Anuar Abdul Shukur; Jaliah Osman; Jamuna Naidu; Khaw Guat Eu; Md Imraz Muhammed Ikhbal; Mesari Jasman; Mohammad Shafiq Ibrahim; Ruhaida Abdul Razak; Sabaruddin Abas; Shaharudin Karim; Suresh Kanagasundram; Suriati Asmah Bt Abdullah; Yogeswari Kanapathipillai; Khoo Jok Nee; Neezuan Ibrahim; Khairulnizam Omar; Wan Zamzuraini Wan Ismail; Thevindran Kandasamy; Yogeswari Subramaniam; Noor Hanida Ismail; Russilawati Ibrahim; Nor Fadhilah binti Ahmad Asri; Syazila Bustaman; Mohd Faizal Zainal Abidin; Nazib Ngainin; Safiah Alias; Azlina Ali; Normala Rohayu Hj Kamaruddin; Rosyazila Roslan; Norhayatie Abdul Karim; Suresh Kanagasundram; Ahmad Sharipudin Yusuf; Ruhaida Abdul Razak; Sabaruddin Abas; Akmal Abu Hanip; Gan Siew Chooi; Murni Binti Zamri
Subject: Farewell

Dear Friends,

It has been 10.5 years I have served TNB from this department in its many forms and outfit. The journey has now reached the crossroads and it is time for me to bid farewell to all of you, my dear friends, as I will be joining the Procurement Division come 2 January 2009.

To my dearest past and current bosses (includes you too Imraz!),

Thank you is merely words to express my gratitude to all of you….your trust, support, guidance, patience and care are too valuable to me and I will be ever grateful to Al Mighty Allah for giving me such bosses. I am sorry had I ever delivered less than your expectations. I wouldn’t be where I am without all of you.

To all of you my dear friends, Thank you for everything and I am sorry for a lot of things. I will cherish your friendship, care, love….every friendly smile, greetings and that pat on my back when I was feeling down, for being happy for me on a sunny day. I have grown with many of you in the last 10.5 years (some of you have been there like forever). Some of you have been there when I was still single, dating, heartbroken, dating again, engaged, married and now 2 children…that sounds like a lifetime. Had I (I know I have) hurt your feelings and said words that were best left unspoken, I am deeply sorry. If and when our paths cross in the future, may it be welcomed and be a pleasant one. Please keep in touch.

A special note to Kak Russ, you are a Godsend.

Here’s wishing all of you a blessed new year and may all your prayers be answered and may all your wishes come true. May you be blessed with good health, wealth, love and happiness all your lives.

I wanted to send a simple farewell note but as I started typing, I realised that there was so much to say but I could not find appropriate words to express my feelings. Needless to say of the tears that has been rolling down.

p/s: please find me at EWRM’s doorstep during lunch break on Fridays.

Thank you and take care. God Bless.

Lots of love,
Basaria Ahayanutheen

a step ahead in career

i applied for two positions which are strategic management and support services in the procurement division in august 2008. i was called to attend an interview session on 23 september 2008. i was so unprepared for it. i asked for some tips from en. anwar ahmad abidin, a friend who recently got promoted to my department. he gave me some motivation and support as well as some tips. he asked me to surf the intranet and read about the procurement division. i managed to read up something and there, i bulldozed through the interview.

one of the questions was why did i apply for a general position i.e. support services being experienced in such specialized area of risk management. my answer was in a nutshell, i want a promotion and i do want to climb up the corporate ladder. the stuff that i had read up earlier was put to use in my attempt to impress the interviewers. maybe i did, i am not sure.

thereafter, i got a call from the hr stating that they found other suitable candidate for the positions that i had applied for. sigh.... AND whether i would be interested in another position i.e. enforcement.... what? that sounds like policeman. i was cool and enquired about the job and as my bosses advised, accept any offer for promotion so that i would not miss on the seniority. i said yes!!!! there were no letter but colleagues from other divisions has been asking me why was i still in ewrm when my name is already in the procurement division's structure. my standard answer was 'there is no letter to the effect' but there was a tinkle in my eyes and joy that cannot be expressed. at least, not yet. one day, i received an email...

From: Rohana A Rahman

Sent: 16 December 2008 12:39
To: Basaria Ahayanutheen
Subject: Congratulation!

Dear Basaria,
Congratulations on your promotion. tqvm

still there was no letter. and on the 19 december 2009 morning, my gm buzzed me and said the letter is here, and there it was, finally, the promotion that i had waited for quite sometime!!!

the journey continues…

looking far into the future....

Friday, December 26, 2008

azim's wedding

we made a trip to penang, muhammad nashwan nasr's first trip to his daddy's hometown, to attend my husband's cousin, azim's wedding reception on 30th november 2008. it is my mother in law's youngest brother's son's wedding. the first wedding in her family after my wedding. my mother in law went back much earlier to attend the nikah ceremony. we stayed at my mum's the night before and left to penang early that morning. we had a good time at the wedding. my mother in law introduced me to so many of her relatives. i remember the attekarawnge (vaguely remember their history related to me by my mother in law) and mami chombi & her children, who is her mum's stepbrother's wife.
before we returned from penang, we stopped over at azahari machan and jawhar machi (both are my second cousins) house. azahari machan is my grandmother's elder brother's grandson (bowji mami's son) while jawhar machi is my grandmother's sister's grand daughter (raub mama's daughter). they have got 4 children; 2 teenagers, 1 toddler and a baby who is same age as muhammad nashwan nasr. my machan fed us with nasi kandar, idli, roti canai, puri and fruits. he literally fed and fed us until we couldn't move. we left penang at midnight. it was so sweet of my machi to call me at 2 am to check whether we reached home safely. it was a memorable trip indeed, especially for the nasi kandar part. i must look for the same nasi kandar the next time i go to penang.

the pelamin

makan beradab

me, the first daughter in law and nadia nasira, the first grand daughter of the family
family photo with the couple

muhammad nashwan nasr and his third cousin

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

post natal operation

i procastinated my post natal check-up because i was preety upset with my ex-gyne. then one day, i decided to go to the one at fmgc (earlier recommended by my ex-gyne for some tests) and did pap smear. i was told that the wounds did not heal properly and that it was the explaination for my constant spotting. therefore, an ops needed to be carried out to correct the condition. me and hubby agreed to it and the day was on the 21 October 2008.

it was a five minutes thing but was done under GA. me was flat which was great. i didnt know a thing and it didnt hurt much. thanks to MIL who took care of my two little ones for two nights. i missed my children but then was glad that they were in good hands. my children came to visit me... little muhammad nashwan nasr was too small to know what was going on but he was sure glad to meet his mummy. there was a confused look on my little girl's face, and she wanted to manja manja with me, maybe she could sense something was wrong.

the best part of it was the one month MC following the surgery. then, we balik kampung again for me to pantang at my mum's. all of us went back with all the stuff already packed earlier for a month's holiday. it was a real refershing one for me and a chance for my children to spend time with my family, a chance their ummamma, paatis and my siblings and their children welcomed so much. my mum loved the part where she fussed constantly over me, what i ate and did. sometimes when my husband came to visit, we sneak out after the children were asleep. also sometimes left muhammd nashwan nasr under his ummamma's care. it was fun.

this was when nadia nasira got acquinted with my family and muhammad nashwan nasr rolled over for the first time at 5 and a half month!!! the paatis took turns and enjoyed chatting with him while he tries to roll over. my acomplishment during the holidays is to complete a pair of pyjamas for nadia nasira which took exactly a month!!!

it had been fun to have this operation!!! i was so sad to leave mummy's home yet again..... it was indeed a spiritual and emotionally fullfilling time for me.

my treasure

my little darling son

where did nadia nasira go? wherever the laptop is.

spending a quiet moment with her board book
playing with her cousin, alisha

muhammad nashwan nasr trying so hard to flip over

muhammad nashwan nasr's loyal companions... paati and alisha

main kereta with alisha

solat time with ummamma

sujud time with syahama

nanni came to visit

hmmm...caught red handed!!! the maid taking a nap (suruh jaga baby, dia pulak tidur)

taknak lap rambut until mummy did this

lunch time

lunchtime companion, alisha

main mak mak with syahmina and alisha
a perfect flip over

muhammad nashwan nasr can now be propped up

miaw miaw

daddy took her for a walk at the Ipoh Padang
that's my selendang when i was 11 years old

syahmi loves laying down with muhammad nashwan nasr

his usual routine

my second cousin, sultania came to send me off to KL

Thursday, December 4, 2008

memories of eid 2008

Hari Raya Aidilfitri in Puchong Intan and Kg. Teluk Kurin A.

eid morning in daddy's songkok

nadia nasira has her own telekung

possing with her brother, notice what is in her right hand... mummy's compact powder span

that's THE mummy's son

an emotional moment

mintak maaf banyak banyak, sat lagi buat lagi

another mummy's son

daddy's daughter...not everyday she gets to be on the other side of the gate cheek to cheek, mummy's chellam

... not duit raya but emas raya.... 1gm of 999.9 gold

the two cheeky ladies
with her elderst cousin, syahama, and a box of toys
the eid tradition back at my mum's.... some of the men of the family...big enough to go to the mosque (missing is my dad who was in Sabah)

bbq time, dipaksa volunteer to start the ball rollingdelicious looking..... i marinated the chicken...the resepi is...campak all the rempah in mummy's collection
happy family....little fella is sleeping, he sleeps all the time in ummamma's house
my mummy and my little big brother, boy
my little small brother, zain the all time romantic couple

the five cucu dara of ummamma

nooriya ka and shamsiah machi cooking nasi goreng cina perencah adabi, i think so
my other machi, junaidah
makan time for the children
syahmi enjoying his bbq chicken
my machan heading the bunga api session
all fun for the kids
ummamma posing while bathuna capturing the moment, not everyday ummamma goes to a bbq party
ummamma, paati and suria ka...of course me too
last kopek
raya at my sister's house

nadia nasira looking at her cousins solat

sayang ummamma

nadia nasira with her cousin's game and watch

where did she learn to do this? bite bite, poor alisya

ummamma singing nasyid in tamil, trying to put nadia nasira and alisha to sleep

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