Wednesday, November 9, 2011

classes and classes

We have been making frequent visits to ipoh as the children are staying at my mum’s. we miss them a lot and I look forward to going home to my mum’s. home is where the heart is. Though I now have a residence in the city but there is a nostalgic feeling about my hometown. It goes without saying isn’t it? such a blessing.

We had always wanted to enroll the children to art classes as I believe art is fundamental for brain development. My children, especially my left-handed son, can go quiet for hours simply with some poster colours, brush and an art block. The concentration is so intense that he wouldn’t respond if he is spoken too.

They got enrolled to a centre that is close to my mum’s and the classes are on weekends for two hours. They would come home with their art masterpieces. I am very proud of them. I am an artist in my heart who adores art collections even if it is not worth an exhibition. I really hope art would neutralize my children and boost they creativity and positive values...

We have also finally enrolled them to kumon… thanks to my brother who would send and wait and fetch them. Hubs really wanted them to have activities to do while they are at their grandmother’s. hopefully the kumon worksheets will keep their mind occupied.

rome, here i come....

One day, my husband asked me if I wanted to follow him to Rome. I was surprised to my immediate response. No! I need to be close to my children. My heart felt very heavy as thinking of the thousands of miles away from my children. After much reasoning and assurance, I was light hearted about it. I pray to God, please take care of everything that matters to me and please make this a happy trip.

As a child, I had always wanted to visit the 7 wonders of the world… this list had evolved over the years and many new lists had been derived from it. Though the holy land of mecca is not in the list, it is in my personal list. With the will of God, I will be traveling to Rome.

They say we must visualize our life they way we have always wanted. We must put our thoughts across towards those frequency in order to find the waves to connect. Hopefully, it becomes our destiny. it is amazing to note that one by one of the things that I have always wanted or visualized comes in various forms. It is also amazing when I realize… this is what I have always wanted…

I have always visualized myself working in an official background, of a consultant in nature, in an office room and attending many meetings….

I have always visualized myself traveling on work by airplanes (wearing trench coats (khine and nuff will laugh at this)….

I have always visualized marrying someone who would take me places when he is on work trips…. An incident came to mind… in 2005, I made my last trip to Pakistan when the new GM made a fuss over my many overseas assignments. Apparently I was only a junior to be traveling that often. Therefore, he cancelled my overseas assignments by re-assigning to someone more senior. Oh well, I was so upset over the injustice and all I said is… he can stop me from traveling but Allah knows to get me places if He wills.

Guess what, I married someone who works with the airlines and one of the benefits is to be able to travel for free every year and at any other time, I will be able to travel at a very minimal costs.

I am going to ROME….

Thank you God, without whom nothing is ever possible. Thank you God for all the beautiful things YOU have destined for me.

home alone without the kids

Mother in law is on her 46 day pilgrimage to mecca. I am having a 46 day gala time holiday.

My gala time consist of the following:

Trips to sungai buloh to upgrade my garden
Dinner and lepaking with hubby/friends that lasts until the wee hours
Late night movies
Frequent trips to hometown as my children are back in my mother’s house
5 day trip to ROME

The only setback is that my children are away from me…

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

secret recipes

nuff had always been impressed with my cooking skills.  i am too, sometimes, when i cook out of shear pleasure instead of a daily chore.  argh..... one day, nuff asked me how do i cook pasta for the children... she also reminded me to share my secret recipe on my blog.

the principle is throw in anything and everything and try to make a nice meal out of it.  if it turns out delicious, good for you. if it doesn't, try to fix it and pretend to have tried out a new recipe.  ooo and aaa would help as well.

oh well.... i realised some of the above has become my children's favourite too....

cream sauce pasta... butter, garlic, prawn, broccoli or mushroom, cheddar cheese and coffee-mate if cream is not readily available (soorrryyy, cheating sikit)! saute pounded garlic in butter, add prawn, broccoli or mushroom and continuing sauteing. add a little water and bring to boil. add all the pepper and salt.  add coffee mate and cheese until sauce thickenes... the kids love them...

some other easy dishes.... tosai, i grew up eating tosai for breakfast. nowadays, for dinner too at my mum's.  my mum keeps lots of tosai mix in the fridge and all we need to think of is the tosai dip.  like some people eat rice everyday, it is tosai at my mum's for dinner.  i like it best with lots of butter or margerin and sugar.  lenthils are fundamental in ones diet and therefore, tosai serves as one of the most nutritious food. all that you have to be careful with tosai mix is the level of fermentation.  read this link for more information.

soak overnight a mix 1 cup of rice and 1/3rd cup of skinned black dhal (oolunthu).  add some water, a big handful of cooked rice and blend them together. make sure the mix is not too watery.  add a little salt and keep the mix aside for about 4 hours for the fermentation process to take place and good results.  bear in mind that you need to use a big container to keep the mix as it will rise due to fermentation. 

you need a griddle or a pan. the cooking method is like how you make a pancake.  grease the griddle with oil or ghee or butter.  ladle some mix on the griddle and spread out and form a pancake.  cover the griddle and take as much time to cook it, usuall,y it takes less than a minute.  remove it from the griddle once it is dry.  take a little more time if you want it to be more crispy.

the same mix in a thicker form can be steamed in idli pans to make idlis.  you can eat oth idli and tosai in a variety of dips and curry like chutneys, chicken curry and etc. read this link for more information.

good luck....
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