Thursday, May 28, 2009

baby nasira

i thought i lost it. a folder full of my first born's pictures in her first few months. i am so thankful to have found it in one of my work folders..... thank you Allah (i have been teaching nadia nasira to say this, so, let me say it too).

these are some of her first photographs captured with my phone....

mother's day wishes

continuation from my hospital episode....i realised that it was mother's day only when i read this a sweet sms from auntie fauziah... my ardent fan (as my sister puts it), she is and a great supporter of motherhood.

here goes her message.... to a great mum, happy mother's day. enjoy with all the pleasant thoughts you had wiht your children. thank you auntie...

here are some of the other wishes that i received and thought it was great....i kept the messages so that i can post it here.

santa maria (my best friend in school): dear God, the lady reading this is beautiful, classy and strong and i love her. help her live her life to the fullest. please promote her and cause her to excel above her expectations. help her shine in the darkest places where it is impossible to love. protect her at all times, lift her up when she needs You the most and let her know when she walks with You; she will always be safe. love you. take care. God bless.... happy mother's day. i thought it was such a wonderful prayer and sent it to all the mothers i wanted to wish happy mother's day.

sherry (my junior at the university): a mother's love is the source of inspiration, hope and happiness for her children. with her endless love and infinite devotion, her children blossom like flowers on a beautiful bouquet. with loving thoughts from one mother to another. happy mother's day.

faizana (my university mate): a woman has strength that amazes men. she can handle trouble and carry heavy burdens, she holds happiness, love and opinions. she smiles when she feels like screaming. she sings when she feels like crying, cries when she's happy and laughs when she is afraid. her love is unconditional. there is only one thing wrong with her, she sometimes orgets what she is worth...happy mother's day.

the sweetest of all was from auntie nirmala (my post... an envelope of affection):
aayiram koadi natchathiram vinnil irundhaalum, iravuku alagu nilavu dhaan, aayiram uravugal mannil irunthaalum, vaalkaiku alagu nalla mum's paasaam. happy mother's day.

translation: eventhough there are millions of stars in the sky, the beauty for the night is the moon. eventhough there are thousands of relationships, the beauty for life is a good mother's love.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i miss my wife

the strangest thing happened husband called me about lunchtime... he said, i miss my wife... wow!!! i have not heard this in the longest time... it really made a lot of difference.... thank you, sweets!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

happy 3rd. anniversary

21 may 2009!!! i have been married for three years.... how do you survive being married for 10, 20, 30 god!!!!
it had started off as a pleasant day (i was on a half day leave and we were at my MIL's) until hubby took offence in something i said to someone over the phone... see, see i told you... how do you survive being married for 10, 20, 30 years and still be sane when this guy crawls up the wall over the slightest and silliest things on god!!!! so, the dinner plan was shoved aside.
i picked up the children and took a long drive home, hoping the children would sleep off.... yes, they did. i love long takes me the trouble off my mind and keeps me refreshed.
i asked myself.... what is marriage to a lot of people? as soon as i asked the question...i could almost hear the answer... blessings in disguise. i true. i reflected on all the blessings bestowed upon me by the almighty god in the three years of marriage... the greatest gifts of all, my two children. i also reflected on all the little little things that my husband has done for me for which i had never said thank you and felt warm towards him. i also remembered all the times when i could have made it to the headlines.... 'angry wife slammed bottle of orange juice on the floor, yet again!!!
and guess what..... the phone rang... an unfriendly voice, he said, 'come back here. let's go out'. i was most obliging and said... 'hmmm'. i wanted to roll on the floor and roar with laughter...if you don't know...that is my husband!!! and his mother must have scolded him!!! happy anniversary, mummy's boy!!!

happy mother's day

i spent mother's day alone, caring for my sick children in damansara specialist hospital... i was rather sad to see both my children, not feeling well... my son was diagnosed with pneumonia, lungs infection while my daughter was getting the same bug, the doctor suspected, from her brother. i was so relieved that i was at the hospital where health care was within reach rather than me being at home, worried and helpless. the sad part was that their paediatrician had left to US and was not there to treat them from the beginning. however, he was back on time to observe their recovery and discharge them. my children are fine now and i am so thankful to those who treated them and to almighty god.

with this episode, i can now finally believe that my instincts about my children are for real. i knew something was really wrong with my son since he was coughing so bad and his sister was slowly getting worse too. i took them to the hospital midnight, well prepared to admit them. the doctor (MO) dismissed it as throat infection, so, i treated them at home with the antibiotics and nebuliser, i even came home during lunchtime for that. i had called their paediatrician (not knowing that he was on his way to US) and smsed him to enquire about how to treat my children. the next day, i felt something was really wrong and brought him to the same doctor. by this time, i was gasping for air. it could be god's way of telling me that my son was feeling the same. i was again dismissed on the basis that i should treat them with neubuliser at home.

it was daughter started having high grade fever..... oh, i was so right!!! it was really bad!!! when you start having fever, there is virus in the air!!! i knew exactly what to do. i made the third trip to the hospital, i told the doctor to admit my children and asked him to get the on-call paediatrician to review them. there, i stayed for a week, getting sick in the process!!!

i told myself, like how i had the instinct to deliver them (not absolutely by the force of nature), i knew that something was really wrong and i have to admit them to get appropriate treatment for a day or two. if nothing else, for my own satisfaction that the children were under medical observation.

auntie nuff came for a visit after taking her children to lake gardens, hoping that i would have gone to lake gardens as well.

nadia nasira and jaseena when they were babies....

oh well, happy mother's day to me and to all the mothers out there who are blessed to taste the bittersweet of motherhood.

alma matter... tarcisian convent ipoh

i wanted to show nadia nasira my school.... so, we took a drive there.

tarcisian convent ipoh, this is where my formal education started.... part of my growing up.... 11 years...there are so many teachers who contributed to my learning and growing up... there are a few who played a significant role in this the naughtiest but smart girl in school. the ones that i remembered the most was in my primary school....mrs. maniam (my class teacher when i was standard 3 who always try the soft method to guide me but was disappointed...she said, 'it is a pity that you have are smart, pretty, good family yet you are so naughty') and puan hamimah (my class teacher standard 4 who tolerates no nonsense from me...she slapped me, slammed my books and yelled at me but she was the only one who managed to make me study, do my homework and sent me to join the elite in kekwa from lily class. hahahaah this shows that i need to be disciplined in a military way rather than a more civilized method).

the things that i did in school is unimaginable... when i was in Standard 1, we played doctor... i was the doctor and the girl who sat next to me, Yap Chin Po was the patient. i used a scissors and cut the fine hair on her chubby hand.... can you imagine? how long do you think the hair on a chinese girl aged 7? of course, i had cut some flesh in the process and there was blood and her mother at the class steps the next day complaining to the class teacher, mrs. cheah. they call me naughty... i think i was plain mischievous at that age and played doctor. i was innocent enough not to realize that i could cause injury lah!!! it was genuine mistake lah. the teacher requested my parents to see her.... my sister (almost my mother lah she) represented them.

as i was writing this post, i remembered one incident.... one morning, when i reached the school, i ran to put my school bag in the line allocated for my class at the assembly hall. i tripped and hurt. i stayed still because i was too embarrassed to get up. my school mates thought that i had fainted and carried me to the teachers' room. there, the teachers asked me to rest on the rotan lazy chair and one teacher made me milo. teachers treat sick students in the teachers' room, i have seen many times. after waking up from a nap and too bored to stay there, i told the teachers that i was fine and wanted to go back to my class. i went to my class feeling happy.
well, despite being mischievous .... i was an active student.... i played netball, did many extra co-curricular activities and certainly enjoyed my self. i remember mrs. siva who told my dad that i was a good girl and a smart student (the first time ever a teacher saying that to my dad). i was 16 then.... may be grew up to be a good girl with age....
thank god, i was a smart enough student and one of the 45 (highest in the district) who scored 5As in the Standard 5 Assessment and 6A1s in Lower Certificate of Education which got me through to the Mayasian Certificate of Education.
my pleasant memories in school from 1981 to 1991.... 11 long years...
school badge
this is how the school still looks now.... i preserved the original look because i didn't like the now outlook....

the main entrance to the primary school

the office

library on the left and toilets on the right

primary classrooms

assembly hall on the left and primary canteen
secondary main building (assembly hall, laboratory, home science room, art room and canteen)

After the visit to the school, my husband drove to my best friend in school, santa maria''s house. i called her on the mobile and she started scolding me for not keeping in touch. i told her i was outside her house.... she was surprised!!!
i stayed a while, chit-chatting.... until it was close to magrib time.

from young girls to mothers....

trip to ipoh... a much awaited one!!!

it was quite sometime since i went back to ipoh and be in my family house. a home that i grew up in... a home that was lite up simply by the presence of my family as a whole through all the bitter sweet memories....

since it was the Labour Day weekend, i told my husband that i wanted to go back to my hometown....there were some hiccupps....but off we went!!!

nadia nasira feeding her brother....

bird watch at grand parents house...

nadia nasira and her syahmi anna

various shots with cousins... syahama, syahmi, syahmina, alisha, burhan, amin and anwar

my special moments.... i am her baby at all times..

muhammad nashwan nasr with great grand ma seithoon and cousins

muhammad nashwan nasr with great grand ma samuna and cousins

lucky to be held by great grandma who is close to a century old (a great great grandma to her daughter's great grand child)...
bedtime at ummamma's house

speacial pose with daddy at the playground
one of the speciality of going home....daddy buys mummy jasmine...

lake gardens 2

due to the many events in may 09, i have yet to blog regularly and record the events...

sometime back end of april 09, we took the children to the lake gardens again, this time to the playground which was more for older children. nadia nasira ran to the playground and went on exploration with her daddy while mummy took care of the little fellow. we, then, took a tram-ride around the lake and realised how big the lake garden was.

notice how nadia nasira walks.... hand folded behind like her great grand ma seithoon and ummatha
we stopped a while at the national monument before heading home. when i was young, probably 10 years old, i first saw the national monument at the front cover of the history textbook at school. i had always looked at the pictures of the monument in awe and was trilled to see it for real.

depicting the national of the photographs that i am proud to have taken...

daddy encouraged nadia nasira to pose for the camera and this is the first time she was in style!!!

the tired and sleepy lot...

while we managed to capture some decent photographs above, the real story was that from the entrance, we were approached a tourist who wanted to photograph my children. and from thereon till we left, we, as a family and the children separately, had to pose for the tourist of different nationality. i was so terrified that i wanted to snatch away my son from them who kept passing my son from one another. being softhearted and polite malaysians, i was very obliging to the tourist who were so happy and excited about meeting us. finally, i told my husband that we better leave, it was getting out of hand and i was losing my temper. so, we left!

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