Wednesday, February 6, 2013

migration to a new blog

if you had noticed, i have been blogging less and since december 2012, i have not been uploading pics.  well, it is because i have used up the space allocated for this account. 

this blog is very special to me for various reasons.  it is my first blog, it carries accounts of my motherhood journey, my career advancement, my children's early years... since january 2008 to december 2012 is a long period of time and i am glad to have recorded precious moments here in this blog.

it is time to migrate to a new blog to continue to keep those accounts though i have not identified a platform as user-friendly as this is.  i need to do that fast otherwise there will be backlogs, catching up will be an uphill event....

so, migration is upcoming very soon....


  1. Keep us updated so we can all add your new address to our blog readers! :)


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