Sunday, February 22, 2009

gifts from my husband

my husband has always been generous with gifts. he never misses any occassion, even the ones that i dont celebrate, valentine's day. there is always something for my birthday, mother's day, for delivering babies, an occasional token from his overseas trips. everytime he shops for the children overseas, he tries to ignore me but would end up buying something for me.

a few days before valentine's day, my husband came back home from one of his trips. i found a nicely wrapped box, obviously a present, on our bed as i was going to put nadia nasira to sleep. it was a bottle of perfume, it was dior!!! nice floral fragrant (so not me....i go for estee lauder beautiful, but since it is my his choice, i accepted with a big smile). i yelled thank you from upstairs. i could hear him muttering some answers and happy valentine's day wishes.

what about me.....i only remember buying him gifts....his birthday, the year we were engaged, the first year we got married and that was it. i can't really recall whether i have got him anything apart from these two occasions. oh yes..... i buy him baju raya and some other shirts every year during the festive season. the thing is....ever since i got married, i never get to go anywhere on my own, even more now that i have two children. the only space of time that i have is on friday during the long lunch breaks. i told myself that i must make an effort to get him a gift that is long overdue.

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