Monday, February 23, 2009

weekend at dsh

it was the thaipusam weekend. i was supposed to say, But....

my husband was, i think. my children were coughing badly all week and i could hear lots of phlegm when they coughed. the most sensible thing to do was to make a bee line to dsh for a visit to dr. musa's clinic. this is what i have been doing ever since nadia nasira was born.

that morning, i was supposed to take nadia nasira to her playschool after the visit to her paed. however, when dr. musa prescribed neubulizer to relieve her condition (wheezing bronchiolitis) 3 - 4 times a day, i asked the doctor whether we can get her admitted along with her brother who is also having similar condition but milder.

we got ourselves admitted. for me, the whole experience was like checking into a hotel room and staying there for the weekend. the things that reminded me that i was in a hospital were dr. musa's routine rounds and the nurses coming in at the some intervals to give medication, routine checks and etc.

how did the children take it? the photos speak for themselves.

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