Thursday, February 26, 2009

an experience with adult students

i am supposed to be a subject matter expert on risk management, hahahaa a recognised one, in TNB. we had developed a training module to create awareness and dessiminate information on risk management to the various levels in TNB.

the last year, i had to reject all the classes scheduled for me because of my tough pregnancy. this year, i had become a trainer for two sessions already. i really enjoy being the trainer. it is fun to see the way the adults, most of them are way older than i am, turning into students.

i am proud to say that i know for sure that they enjoy my sessions. i treat them like school children, have very informal sessions and give them real and funny examples. apply risk management theories in life. after all the theories and concepts, i divide them into groups and tell them to come up with a risk profile for a chosen business. they also need to create the risk profile in the system and present as a group.

the way i conclude my sessions really brings the fun learning process to its heights. it is filled with teasing, fun and laughter. i make all of them stand up and conduct an open book quiz. i post a question, many of them who know the answers would raise their hands up, i choose the one whom i think raised his/her hand up first to answer. if the answer is correct, he/she gets to sit otherwise continue standing. We end the training session after all of them answer questions correctly.

i reflect back and to think that i really didn't want to become a teacher when i was a child, it is such an irony.

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