Sunday, February 22, 2009

the last days of uncle umar

al-faathiha.. nasir's maternal uncle, umar khatab, passed away on 14 february 2009. he had been ill for sometime and he breathed his last 8 days ago. he left a wife and three sons. it was through him was i related to my husband before marriage. my husband is my sister's sister in law's sister in law's sister in law's son. hahahahaha complicated.

uncle umar has always been sweet to me. we went to visit him in the GH Penang last month. i am glad that i had visited him. one thing that saddens me is that he used to ask me if i could help his son get a job. that was the only one thing he ever asked me for. i never took it seriously but now that he has passed away, i take it upon myself to fullfill his wish.

here are some pictures of him when we visited him at the hospital.

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