Monday, February 23, 2009

sportsgirl in the making

everyday, nadia nasira has been looking at some children playing badminton outside her nanni's house. she asked me a couple of times for badminton. so, i decided to get her one. we had looked for it everywhere. yet, we only found tennis but not badminton rackets. anyhow, we just bought one so that she would have something to play with while we look for the badminton racket. finally, her nanni found it and gave it to her as her advanced birthday gift along with a piece of abacus and some cash. we kept the badminton racket at her nanni's house so that she could play there.

one evening, we had a tennis session with her. she looked like a real serious sportsgirl in her sports attire. guess what she did with the racket....held it in her hand and proudly announced, 'maamy, nadia sapu!!!

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