Sunday, May 23, 2010

happy birthday son

muhammad nashwan nasr turned two on 23 may 2010. two years has passed by since he was born and i am ever so grateful to Allah for giving me such a wonderful baby. i will never forget the guided hands of dato' dr. musa in treating my preemie baby.

from that little tiny baby who was too small for a newborn outfit, my son has grown into a very cheeky and mischievous toddler with so much action. he fills our hearts with so much love and joy.

this little fellow has become the love of my life in his own special way, maybe because he is taking forever to come out of babyhood while my daughter is a little more matured and independent. i love them both so dearly. i love the way both of them snuggle up to me during bedtime (when i can enjoy loving them peacefully without having to, don't do that and this).

i have been telling him that it was going to be his birthday soon and he will respond by showing me the blowing candles action. i guess, he associates birthdays to cakes and blowing candles. i was amazed because it shows that even if he cannot talk, he understands everything that goes around him.

we bought him and his sister nice outfits as it is my birthday tradition for them. we had a nice homemade breakfast and later, we blew candles at my mil's.

my dearest darling boy, happy birthday to you. i will forever give my best in being your mother and i hope we will be the best of friends when you finally grow up. don't you ever forget that a mother will never stop being a mother until the day she dies, so bear with me (hahahahahaha). may Allah bless you with hidayah, iman, health, wealth, lots of love and happiness in this world and the hereafter.

Friday, May 21, 2010

happy anniversary

it has been 4 years of being married to this wonderful man who spices up my life with every emotions one could feel.

we had some sweet memories, our fair share in life and faced some of the most critical phases together especially during the birth of my son. all of that had brought us closer together and trust each other more. i pray that as the years passes by, we will have a wonderful life together filled with happiness as family while we respect and tolerate each other's individuality.

happy anniversary, dear husband and thank you for everything...especially the 2 and one on the way babies... i love you, my best friend.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

paw paw vs hypo

Everyday since nadia nasira was a little girl, I used to show nadia nasira an old Chinese lady who goes for her morning walk and tell her to wave to “paw paw”. We had not seen the lady for sometime.

We finally saw her and nadia nasira exclaimed, ‘mummy, hypo’!!! I had to choke on my laughter and correct her.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

my little baby boy

i took my son to his playschool last saturday. he was so excited that it was difficult to control him. i had a discussion with his teacher and she said he is probably craving for attention. she also mentioned that they can sense that there is a baby coming along, hence the possible explanation to his behaviour. i panicked and quickly picked up my parenting book that i have not touched for sometime.
i realised that my son is probably suffering from attention deficiency. maybe it is my mistake to overlook his need for attention since he was much of a baby then or maybe his delayed speech development made us communicate with him less or maybe his sister's presence and various other reasons could have contributed to this.
i have consciously decided to pay him more attention and do for him those things that i have neglected. i feel so guilty and i am glad that i have realised it now. he will be 2 this sunday. i really thank god that i have managed to breastfeed him longer than his sister which had strengthen our bond and that i still have him close to me during bedtime.

i am sorry baby. i will make it up to you. this is my little baby boy, the love of my life....

nadia nasira's first teachers' day

teachers' day fell on 16 may 2010 which was on a sunday, the day nadia nasira had her performance.

i made a small gift for nadia nasira's teacher hanna so that she could give her teacher the next schooling day. earlier that day, my friends and i were chatting on the email and my friend, khine mentioned that she owes her son's teacher one since she helped her son make a nice mothers' day gift for her. it is very true.

during beditime, i told nadia nasira that i will make a small gift for her teacher and she was excited about it. she even told her daddy that mummy was going to make a gift for her teacher. i gathered a lot of stuffs around the house that can be used to be put together and make a nice gift. i wanted it to look like a craft that her teacher used to help her students do. this is the outcome. some chocolates and lollypops in a small basket and a small paperbag for her to carry the basket in.

daddy put the gift in her bag and sent her off to school. i called her teacher later and she was very happy. she thanked me. she told me that nadia nasira had first thing in the morning wished her and gave her the present. must have been so sweet to receive the gift and wishes from a three year old.

Monday, May 17, 2010

performance day

genius aulad had a performance day in conjunction with the World's Children's Day and Teacher's Day 0n 16 May 2010.

the children at nadia nasira's pre-school had been practicing for quite sometime already when she joined them in may 2010. nadia nasira wasn't included since she was going through the first day at school syndrome. after a week or so, her teacher called me to say that nadia nasira had been happily practicing with her friends and thought it was a good idea for her to join in the performance. i was happy to know that she has been enjoying herself in school. their color theme was pink dress and white tudung. i was apprehensive about whether nadia nasira will keep her tudung on till the end. we went to look for her tudung, her very first besides the telekung that nanni had sewed. nadia nasira was very excited about her tudung when we bought it. i thought she looked cute in it.

last sunday, both of us went to her 'concert' since daddy wasn't around to follow us. after we had registered, i sent her to the waiting hall where children from all the genius aulad centres were gathered together with their teachers.

of course, genius aulad would not allow parents in so, nadia nasira threw a tantrum there when the teachers from the other centres wanted to grab her and take her into the hall. i told them that i would send her in, they refused to let me in. i really don't understand what is it with these teachers. don't they know that they are strangers as far as my three year old is concerned? how can they make advances to grab her and tell me it is alright? i told them to let go... it was until one teacher came and sweet talked my daughter to follow her in but got turned down as well did she allow me to send her in. once nadia nasira saw her friends, she was quite alright and calmed down. that was when i left her. see, she will be ok if only the teachers would just let us take our time to settle in.

i went into the auditorium and was surprised to see that there were so many people. of course, parents and families of 600 children. i was lucky to find a single seat and sat down. i was worried about my daughter whether she was alright, if she will have a stage fright and cry or will she run to me if she were to see me there taking photographs.

finally, it was her turn. i saw the children from her pre-school entering the stage. i looked for her and i didn't see her. i was worried. i saw some more children entering the stage and there i caught a glimpse of her dress (they all looked alike with the similar attire). i was so happy, touched and proud to see her there waiting to start her performance. tears sprang in my eyes. she looked relaxed and confident. she was looking at the crowd in front of her and she recognised me. there was a confused look on her face. i ducked as i wasn't prepared for a negative reaction. i changed my mind and stood up. i saw her jumping with joy. she was so happy to see me there and even pointed me out to her friend. their performance started. it was a song called 'i love my grandma'.

considering the fact that she only practiced for a week or more, she followed the movements quite well. i am really proud of her. once it was over, she followed her friends backstage. we were allowed to collect our children then. i went in the hall and her teacher called out to her. she came to me looking so happy. we took some photographs. she was tired and hungry. she wanted to eat the snack her teacher had given to her.

we went home after we both took a peak at the last show on stage with the group raihan. while walking to the car, she removed her tudung for a while and wore it back. she must have been really hot but she didn't want to remove it. she only removed it once we were at home. must have been the influence of seeing her friends wear tudung to school (it is a must for 5 and 6 year olds). it was truly amazing.

i asked her to sing the song and she did. i love my grandma she's always kind to me. she's always there to comfort me. with all my heart i will pray that God bless my grandma in everyway and everyday. i asked her, how many grandmas do you have? she said, one, two. i asked her again, who are your grandmas? she said, ummamma and nanni. (now, i tell her to sing that song to her nanni everyday.)

i was happy to see that she had enjoyed herself. i don't regret sending her to school this early. i only need to address her separation anxiety in the mornings. deep inside, i don't think i am in a hurry for her to have wings that help her fly away happily from my nest.

future footballer

as i was browsing youtube last weekend, looking for the doas and nasyids nadia nasira sings in her preschool, i realised that my house has been turned into a field by my son. there were lots of tiny balls on the floor while my son was practicing his killer kicks....

oh, and i noticed that he kicks mostly with his left leg....confirming my suspicion that he could be a lefthander.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

kelas mengaji

i went for my quran recitation class during lunch time yesterday. i have not gone for sometime either because my ustaz was on mc, i was on mc, i forgot it was a wednesday and etc.

my ustaz is one of the religious officers employed by my company to oversee the islamic affairs and religious activities in the company. he is fluent in arabic as he is a graduate from Al Azhar. he loves to tease me since i am the youngest in his class and also because when i talk, half the sentence is in english.

he used to marvel at my reading the quran especially my pronunciation but always tick me off because i don't read quite smoothly for the lack of reading frequently. yesterday, he asked me if i am expecting and i nodded. he advised me to read the Quran or listen to the Quranic recitation as often as possible or at least let the baby listen to the recitation while i sleep for the baby's brain development. he said you are able to notice the difference in the baby once being born.
i nodded and then, i got irritated as usual with him when he added... read often, not once a year!!! he has always managed to make me laugh.

today, i slept during lunch time with surah al baqara recitation being switched on. when i woke up, the recitation which takes at least an hour or so had completed. oh man... how long did i sleep? hahaha i told the baby.... so you have listened to 2 and a half juzuk of the Quran. you had better been awake....

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

pre-school trauma

as i have mentioned before, my little girl has been having separation anxiety since she started her pre-school.

day 1 - daddy put her on the van...she went to school waving happily at all of us. we followed the van and we saw that she had cried. we asked the van driver. he said she was quite alright, only started crying as they were about to reach the school. i called her principal, she said my daughter cried now and then but was manageable and that she walked around the school exploring the place. she came home sounding very happy.

day 2 - mummy put her on the van. she turned and cried but i let her go on the van, hoping that she will be alright soon. i followed the van again and i saw that she had cried. she went into the school with an older child who were holding her hand followed by the driver. i called her principal and she said that my daughter cried a little but only at the beginning of the day. she followed one of the teachers everywhere the teacher went.

day 3 - mummy left her to nanni and the maid. disaster. she refused to climb on the van. she was hysteric. so, nanni called and we asked her aunt a favor to send her. she refused to go however her aunt talked her into going. she climbed up the stairs but when she saw the teachers came to receive her, she got hysteric again. she wanted her aunt to follow her into the school. i called the principal and i was told that she only cried in the morning.

day 4 - a holiday because the older children went for concert rehearsal at a different location. boy, she was glad.

day 5 - mummy and daddy was there to send her to school. she cried and refused to up the van. daddy was upset and mummy hugged her, asked her what was wrong. mummy told her that mummy would send her to school. daddy followed in his car. i asked her why wouldn't she go with uncle nasrool, she said, ade ramai orang. her teachers were downstairs receiving the children. she refused to go and i let her teacher carry her up the stairs. she was crying out loud. after a while, i went upstairs without anyone kowing to hear if she was still crying. i heard a teacher ( i was told that my daughter was very close to her) talking on top of her voice to my daughter... stop! stop crying nadia! i heard a tiny voice saying, nak mummy... how do you think i felt at that time!!!! i silently left with a heavy heart. i called her principal and i told her that my daughter is not used to anyone being garang, so, is there anyone being garang to her. of course, the principal told me no and that she only cried in the morning and that i should be patient and that everything will be alright soon. so i hoped as well. weekend to follow the next day.

all week i was doing a research on separation anxiety and how to help her overcome it. i talked to her so much about going to school. sometimes, she gives me the unsure and i don't believe you look. surprisingly, she had happy stories to tell every time she came back from school. she even wakes up in the morning being so alert about going to school, telling me not to be late otherwise uncle nasrool, the van driver would be waiting already. as the time ticks, her tension appears to be mounting and another drama would take place. so, i wondered why going to school was such a difficult task for all of us.

day 6 - mummy coaxed her into going to school in the van but she refused frantically to come out of the house, let alone going near the van. she wanted mummy to send her instead. she then, refused to leave the car. mummy talked her into going to school by showing other children who were going up the stairs. she followed the other children smiling happily at them, yet holding mummy's hand firmly. she kept telling me.. mummy, come inside, ok. just as i was going to let her into the school, her teacher came to get her. oh no... my daughter went hysteric again. one other teacher (the one i was told my daughter was close to) came and scooped her into the school. the way my daughter cried since day 3 sounded like please save me. i didn't feel good. her teacher told me not to worry as she would only cry for about 4 minutes. i was assured and turned to leave. i went down the stairs only to realise that i wasn't wearing my shoes. i went up again and by then i was so tired from the fiasco. i sat at the stairs to rest while eavesdropping (whether i could hear her cry). i heard someone crying and the teacher called out to the helper to clean my daughter up since she had vomited. she must have cried so hard. i heard the helper say, why cry nadia.... then i heard someone (the teacher my daughter was supposed to be close to) screaming, stop crying! to my great astonishment, it was followed by.... bang, i am angry at whoever cry in the school!!! the tiny crying sound slowly disappeared. a teacher saw me there and immediately went in, i suppose to warn that i was outside.

i can't express how i felt at that time. it was as if someone had just stabbed me in the heart. i left and as i was driving, i did some thinking. what do i do? many solutions came to my mind. take her out of that place. or have a talk to the principal and relate to her what had happened. we shall wait until the trial period to be over and if the situation didn't improve, take her out.

i went home and woke my husband up since we were going to my O&G that day. i told my husband in an irritated voice, quick....wake up, i am stressed. when he asked me sleepily, i related to him what i heard. i did some crying too. he jumped up and said, let's go get her. i was reluctant because i wanted to think through and find the best solution to this problem. i have started a process and i didn't want to stop it and start all over again considering the fact that i can see that my daughter is learning and she sounds happy about going to school. it is just the going to school in the mornings being the problem. i assume that i have found the answer to why that happens. my daughter is having separation anxiety and is traumatised by that woman!!!

i told my husband that we need to discuss and look at every angle before we decide what to do. i wanted to do what is best for my daughter. i wanted to personally talk to the principal about the incident and let my daughter complete the trial. my husband wanted to take her out and try her out in the USJ branch (my husband was impressed with them earlier but transportation was the issue). i agreed to my husband's decision.

we were all charged to meet the principal and take our daughter home. we were greeted by the helper... nadia ok and she rattled on. my husband refused to look at her and firmly said, i want to talk to the principal. i went into the principal's room and said, can i talk to you? she nodded. we both went in and sat facing her. my husband was silent while i gave my speech. this is how i started and my piece were more or less like this....

i just want to tell you that before we decided to send my daughter here, we did lots of research and one of the reasons for sending her here is the islamic foundation that this place offers. my daughter is the kind of a girl who is so happy to be with friends and teachers, she is very independent and a happy child. i know she can get used to this new environment quite easily. we had mentally prepared her to go to school and she has always been positive about going to school.

i related to her how nadia nasira's was from day 1.

i was wondering why my daughter becomes agitated and desperate the moment she had to step into the school. today, i believe i found the answer. she doesn't feel safe here. is this the way to treat a 3 year old child who is having separation anxiety? is this your teaching policy? if it is so, i don't think i want my daughter here. i have been doing research on how to deal with this situation. i read articles written by non muslims on how gentle you have to be dealing with separation anxiety. i have been talking to her, comforting her and coaxing her to go to school but when she finally agrees to come, she is being yelled at for feeling whatever she has been feeling. i think she is traumatised. to think that she had just cried so much and vomited, yet she was yelled at and been told how angry the teacher was at anyone who cried in the school. is this how you handle the situation. when i was told that she only cries about 4 minutes, now i know what made her stop crying.... fear! instead of making her feel save and comforted for leaving her safe zone, fear has been instilled in her. when you say that my daughter had been following this teacher around, now i wonder why did she do that. fear??? is this why you don't allow parents to be here?

since she was born, i have been reading books on how to raise my children and i have been teaching her how to read fatihah and all other doas. at her age, she can read fatihah, doas and zikir. i have been taking her to playschool and she is used to the learning experience though the environment is different. i have been doing my best for her because she is precious to me like your children are to you. i am sorry i have to have this conversation with you but i am so disappointed and upset. i dont think i want my child to continue being here.

the principal was dumb-founded. my husband added, we are here having this conversation because of my wife. if it was me, i would take my daughter out and put this place into trouble. she mummbled.... maybe, i can call the teacher here? i said, i don't want to talk to anyone else. i don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. i am talking to you because you are the principle and is responsible here.

this was when i saw my daughter who had been in the hall outside all along practicing for their upcoming concert, running happily to go to her class after the practice. suddenly she looked towards me, unable to register that mummy was there. once she realised that, she exclaimed, amma (she calls me whatever she likes... mummy, amma, mum, maa)!!! she stood at the door and when her teacher said, later. come. she happily waved at me and ran after her teacher.

this was when i paused and told my husband.... look, she is happy here. i dont think we should take her out. he nodded.

i turned to the principal and said, look at how happy she is.... she is not a clingy person, otherwise she would have come running to me when she saw me. she wouldn't have wanted to follow her teacher into the class. so, what is bothering her in the morning? i want to continue letting her be here but i need a favor from you. i will appreciate if you could allow us to be here in the morning just to make her feel assured and safe. we will leave a little later once she is settled. until one point, i would teach her to let go.

the principal agreed unvoluntarily. we thanked her and we left.

i know it is going to be tough to make her forget whatever that had frightened of in the beginning but i will try anyway. i sent her assuring her that mummy is going to be around, stayed in the pantry for a while and left. not once did she come to check whether i was still there although when we first arrived at the school, she would hessitate. maybe, she was afraid mummy won't stay. i guess she felt safe whenever i was around. of course she would feel safe. she had not been yelled at eversince as compared to mummy not being there in the mornings. she learns and she goes home a happy child.

where do we go from here? what shall i do? how do i teach my baby to let go? parenting is very challenging as it demands time, energy, lots of patience and sacrifice. i am struggling as i need to do the right thing.

does my husband love me?

how do you know whether your husband loves you?

you know when:

1. he gives up the cooler part of the comfy bed he sleeps with his son for you to sleep so that you don't get body ache from sleeping on the single bed adjacent to the other bed.

2. he buys soy bean drink so that you have enough protein.

3. he buys saffron for you to mix in the soy bean drink and drink it.

4. he carries the babies.

5. he takes your potty trained daughter to toilet every night.

6. he buys mutton because that is the only meat you want to eat.

7. he does many other house chores and takes care of the children so that you can sleep.

8. he rather eat a ramli burger for dinner so that you can rest.

hahahahahaha...... all of the above are the privileges of a pregnant mother. i love you darling husband!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

nashwan nasr at alimkids

muhammad nashwan nasr has started playschool…..

every morning, when we were busy with sending nadia nasira off to school, my dear son would cry as he also wanted to follow. poor baby....

so, we decided to register him at the alimkids playschool just like his sister. he used to follow his sister but at that time he was still very much a baby.... he is still though. he was all excited to wear his sister's alimkids t-shirt and backpack.

well, i think we started off right... there were only a few children there with their mummies. nashwan nasr's first reaction when the teacher spoke to him was to hug my leg. oh, he was so shy though he was so hyperactive when he followed his sister. the teacher said, i think he knows he is the student now. much to my astonishment, my son proved me wrong (i thought he was so much a baby so he wouldn't actually concentrate in the activities carried out) by following the teacher's movement in the good morning song.

alas, once the class started, a bunch of ladies with their toddlers and babies entered. apparently, they are from the shah alam alimkids whose teacher disappeared and these mothers wanted to try out the usj branch. the room was so crowded. my son got distracted when he saw the babies.... then, his sister entered to help her brother. it was such a mess. i wish there were lesser children in the class and there were no babies so that my son could concentrate. i also learnt that my daughter will have to stay home there next time i take my son.

i guess i will still take my son for the next session but if the place is still crowded, i will have to go to the other alimkids branch at 3C near sunway pyramid. it appears that they start module 1 every month so i can start his playschool from A.

he is smiling for the camera lah konon...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

happy mother's day to me

it is mother's day today....

i thank the almighty Allah for blessing me with my wonderful children entitling me to truly celebrate mother's day. i remember how much i wanted to be blessed with motherhood even before i got married. it is something i prayed for in the masjidil haram during my umrah the year before i got married. God had answered my prayers.

i pray that i will give my very best to being a mother to my wonderful children. i pray that i will be guided in doing all the right decisions for them. i love my children in the millions.

happy mother's day to me. i took the children to my mil's for breakfast, slept so long with my son while daddy took care of my girl, swimming in the pool with the kids and a quiet banana leaf dinner with the family...

my presents.... daddy gave me perfume, nadia nasira a card she made in school while muhammad nashwan nasr made me a flower at his playschool.

mother's day

it is mother's day today....

my deepest appreciation to my dearest mother who has time and time again made me feel what i am without her... words cannot do justice to describe the kind of a person she is. she spreads her love to almost everyone, wraps me in her love and strength to keep me assured the days when the road gets bumpy. she is truly happy for me for all the things i am blessed with and she would secretly pray that i will be protected from all evils.

she is one soul i would never want to hurt ever in words or deeds. if i ever do, the guilt would make me feel like a rotten person. i remember those days when i made her cry... i felt even worse. one day during me university days (rebellious stage of my life), i decided that i would stop arguing with her or talk back at her. then i realised that my days were happier and i had a better mother and daughter relationship. she is my best friend, my shoulder to cry on, my counsellor at no cost, my favourite chef...etc., etc., etc.

i love you mother more than words can say.... i love you dear ummamma.... i love you too dear mother in law for all the motherly deeds you do for me.

to all mothers, mothers to be and mothers in law who are blessed with motherhood, i wish them happy mother's day. may the motherhood journey you took be rewarded in this world and hereafter.

Friday, May 7, 2010

mummy's son

this is the story of the love of my life....

you see.... my son is very attached to me which of course makes me feel so so touched. he looks more like his mummy's siblings although i see a little of my allahyarham father in law in him. he is a little hyperactive around other children which i suspect he took after my elder brother. i think he is going to be lefthanded just like me. of course, mummy is so proud lah.

but then, look at these pics... this poor little boy has yet to talk therefore, it is rather difficult to understand him. being a mother, i observe him closely to understand him. i am not at all proud that he merajuk like his mummy. just yesterday, daddy came back from one of his trips. this little guy must have missed him. so, when mummy was leaving nanni's, daddy put the children in their car seats, said bye bye and went into the house. suddenly, i saw my son was sulking. i wondered why.... i saw him glance at nanni's house and then sulk... that was when i understood. he was upset that daddy was not there to wave him good bye....

all of us teased him... daddy came to the door to wave but the little guy did not lift his face. instead, he was secretly smiling....

he was so so cute and that was when i thought... oh my god!!! he is so me when i merajuk.....

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

genius aulad not forgotten....

we resumed the plan to send nadia nasira to the pre-school in may 2010.... her second first day at school was very interesting.

as part of the preparation, we took nadia nasira to her cousin's kindy to show her how children stay in school with friends and teachers while their parents being away at work. nadia nasira also sees her older cousins coming back from school in a van. we exagerated everything and nadia nasira seemed very excited. she kept telling that she will go to school on the van and play in school.

the day came and as we planned, we put her on the bus, waved her bye bye. there was a lump in my throat but i controlled it quite well. i believe in the right thing to do rather than to be emotionally moved. it wouldn't benefit her, i know and the plan would fail. we followed the van without her knowing. we waited at her school to see how she was. she was so tiny that the bus driver had to carry her off the bus. she was crying. he held her hands and took her up to the school. we waited for him and asked him how she was. he said she was ok until almost reaching the school and when he left her with the teachers, she was comforted.

i called the teacher to check on her. the teacher said nadia nasira cried now and then but followed all the activities. my heart was so heavy thinking of her adjusting to the new environment. what must she be feeling....

i waited for her at her nanni's... there she came back beaming with happiness. she said, mummy, nadia learn. i carried her (forgetting that i'm expecting) while she waved bye bye to her friends. she came home with some stickers given by her friend it seems (hopefully true). she told me she had some friends. her first friend is shafida and her second friend is alisha. she was so bubbly. she said she wanted to do her homework right away and refused to remove her uniform. nowadays, she is always busy with her school bag and her pencil box.

i called the teacher after school. she said nadia nasira didn't stay in her class. she went to other classes observing everything. she didn't eat or visit the toilet (the two things i was quite worried about). she is kind of attached to teacher umi and therefore, she clings on to teacher umi around the school. they even call nadia nasira anak angkat (adopted child) teacher umi. the teacher said that it is alright and i shouldn't worry. all they want her to do in school right now is to get used to the environment and want to stay in school.

well, my daughter is having separation anxiety and i really hope that she will overcome it in no time.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

long leave again...

oh i call this a blessing? i have been on a long medical leave.

i have lost weight and it is something new. i never lost weight during any of my last pregnancies. instead my appetite had always been so good that i would want to eat everything that comes to mind.... this time, i simply can't eat anything. my evening sickness really exhausted and made me nauseated me.

it must have been the stress of having the older two toddlers to attend to as well as the wonderful maid who never fail to make me lose my temper. there is the stress. trust me, i have such a great temper that i never knew and darling maid managed to bring out the worst in me. nothing to be proud of though.

so, there i go again on a long medical leave and darling husband thought the best way for me to re-coup is at my mum's with no internet connection. this was a blessing since my mum had always been the best medicine for me spiritually as well as my best friend in need. she has always been the person who was able to neutralise all the negative energy around me as well as a great mediator between me and my maid.

well, while being on leave, i have managed to have viral fever that lasted for days, cough and cold as well as bad gastric that made me throw up and unable to sit up. sigh......

anyway, i managed to complete muhammad nashwan nasr's cushion cover cross stitch project (that took me more than 2 years) and a pair of pyjamas for nadia nasira over the holidays....
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