Wednesday, May 5, 2010

genius aulad not forgotten....

we resumed the plan to send nadia nasira to the pre-school in may 2010.... her second first day at school was very interesting.

as part of the preparation, we took nadia nasira to her cousin's kindy to show her how children stay in school with friends and teachers while their parents being away at work. nadia nasira also sees her older cousins coming back from school in a van. we exagerated everything and nadia nasira seemed very excited. she kept telling that she will go to school on the van and play in school.

the day came and as we planned, we put her on the bus, waved her bye bye. there was a lump in my throat but i controlled it quite well. i believe in the right thing to do rather than to be emotionally moved. it wouldn't benefit her, i know and the plan would fail. we followed the van without her knowing. we waited at her school to see how she was. she was so tiny that the bus driver had to carry her off the bus. she was crying. he held her hands and took her up to the school. we waited for him and asked him how she was. he said she was ok until almost reaching the school and when he left her with the teachers, she was comforted.

i called the teacher to check on her. the teacher said nadia nasira cried now and then but followed all the activities. my heart was so heavy thinking of her adjusting to the new environment. what must she be feeling....

i waited for her at her nanni's... there she came back beaming with happiness. she said, mummy, nadia learn. i carried her (forgetting that i'm expecting) while she waved bye bye to her friends. she came home with some stickers given by her friend it seems (hopefully true). she told me she had some friends. her first friend is shafida and her second friend is alisha. she was so bubbly. she said she wanted to do her homework right away and refused to remove her uniform. nowadays, she is always busy with her school bag and her pencil box.

i called the teacher after school. she said nadia nasira didn't stay in her class. she went to other classes observing everything. she didn't eat or visit the toilet (the two things i was quite worried about). she is kind of attached to teacher umi and therefore, she clings on to teacher umi around the school. they even call nadia nasira anak angkat (adopted child) teacher umi. the teacher said that it is alright and i shouldn't worry. all they want her to do in school right now is to get used to the environment and want to stay in school.

well, my daughter is having separation anxiety and i really hope that she will overcome it in no time.

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