Wednesday, May 19, 2010

my little baby boy

i took my son to his playschool last saturday. he was so excited that it was difficult to control him. i had a discussion with his teacher and she said he is probably craving for attention. she also mentioned that they can sense that there is a baby coming along, hence the possible explanation to his behaviour. i panicked and quickly picked up my parenting book that i have not touched for sometime.
i realised that my son is probably suffering from attention deficiency. maybe it is my mistake to overlook his need for attention since he was much of a baby then or maybe his delayed speech development made us communicate with him less or maybe his sister's presence and various other reasons could have contributed to this.
i have consciously decided to pay him more attention and do for him those things that i have neglected. i feel so guilty and i am glad that i have realised it now. he will be 2 this sunday. i really thank god that i have managed to breastfeed him longer than his sister which had strengthen our bond and that i still have him close to me during bedtime.

i am sorry baby. i will make it up to you. this is my little baby boy, the love of my life....

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