Monday, December 6, 2010


i was exhausted after all that hard work when the doctor put this tiny little thing on my chest... i was too tired to even move but i managed to look down at him... i saw a familiar face... oh he looked so nadia nasira when i first held her! macam nadia nasira... this is muhammad nazhan nasr.

he suckled a moment and he was taken away to be cleaned and for my husband to recite the azan. i felt the needle pricks as i got stitched up. i asked my husband in a daze... surah apa masa dia lahir... i was impressed when my gynae answered... sekarang surah al kahfi! wow, she knew it simply by listening? well, i remember some too but only the simple ones and surah ar-rahman for its repetitive verses. she must have it all on her mind... my husband said the baby was born during the recitation of the surah before that... al israa. nadia nasira... surah maryam, muhammad nashwan nasr... between surah al-araaaf or surah al-anfaal.

i drifted off now and then due to the remaining effects of the drug. after a while, i heard the footsteps... apparently it belonged to the most important person to us after each delivery... dato' dr. musa nordin! apparently, he came in after the friday prayers (i saw his tie was still tucked in his shirt through the buttons like all muslim men do when they perform ablution and solat in their office attires). i smsed him earlier that day to personally inform him that i am in labor and i wanted him to examine the baby as soon as the baby was born. neither him or us wanted history to repeat itself. i heard him asking the nurses... pukul berapa lahir? he spoke to my husband and left.

i heard the cries of my newborn. i asked my husband to call my mother and i spoke to her in a daze and drifted off again. the next thing i remember was being moved to my room and in the process i think i scolded some nurses but i was only laughed at by my husband and the nurses. i think i slept for sometime before the other two excited little kutties came with my mother in law and sister in law... my husband and his mother did the tahniq and fed the baby zam zam holy water. everyone were so happy.
my children were so excited over the occasion and didn't know what to do. my loverboy son, missed me so much that he was more excited seeing me than anything. my mother in law told me that my little angel (my daughter) woke up in the middle of the night looking for me. she had been insecure about me lately before i delivered. then, came my sister (she is a nurse and she will nurse me or even better doctor me with her advice) and her daughter... my sister was so happy welcoming my son. she said my son looked like my dad. so did my brother's mother in law. she was right about nashwan nasr and hopefully again about nazhan nasr.
we took some photographs together and then, i had my dinner. my mother in law was sad looking at me having hospital food as i had always been having home food even at the hospital. everyone left and i retired to bed. the nurses didn't really room in the baby the first night but did all other nights i was there. end of day 1 marks a new beginning for me to learn to cope....

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