Friday, December 17, 2010

strategic thinking for children's future

those days, talents are identified in schools by teachers who then assist the students to excel in those specific areas mostly to represent their schools in various competitions. to many, the journey stops here unless they are chosen to continue the journey towards a more successful future.

today, things have changed... many parents are taking a more strategic approach in looking out for their children's future and help them pave their path in life. why not? if you were to notice your child's interest in painting, encourage him/her and provide opportunity as well as the necessary exposure to sharpen his/her skills. with God's blessings, he/she may be another da vinci...

this is exactly what a neighbour of mine did. he was a football player for the state level in his prime years. he trained his children since they were young and saw a potential in one of his sons. he is a left foot striker!!! the father enrolled him in the brazil football club and his son's talent started shining. his son's coach noticed and advised my neighbour to send his son to england for training. he got chosen and played for arsenal under 12. now, he has secured another 2 year contract with another club. the way i see it, one day he will be another fabregas...

while we think of the many worldly elements of our children's future, never let the hereafter be an oversight. we must also think strategically for their eternal future. my best friend nuff had once said which shocked me into realisation... even if we burn in the hellfire, never let our children smell the hellfire. i know that we cannot guarantee tomorrow but at least, we could try to help them pave their paths strategically.

spotting a talent is important... nevertheless, what is more important is helping that child maximise his/her talent and realise his/her dream.

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