Monday, March 23, 2009

choo-choo train

there is a choo-choo train in playhouse disney and that is the only train that nadia nasira knows. i remembered that i saw some pics of my brother and his children at KTM Muzium. there were real trains too. so, i thought that it would be a good idea to take nadia nasira on a train ride....being metropolitan, there is always the LRT!!!

the plan was....daddy would drop us all at Asia Jaya station and would pick us up at the Bangsar station. so, we got the tickets and hopped on the train. nadia nasira appreared to be all ready for the experience but when got on the train, she clinged onto me. i guess, it was the sound of the train and the shakey experience in the train that scared her. muhammad nashwan nasr didn't like the other passengers in the train who was friendly with him. he cried. after a while, nadia nasira was quite i thought since she even showed me another train that was coming on the opposite direction.

when we got off the train, she decided she didn't like the experience and she announced, as a matter of factly, 'tak mau choo-choo train' repeatedly.

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