Monday, April 12, 2010

dengue fever...

my mum in law fell ill while she was in penang. she was taken to clinics a few time and she looked really bad even at her nephew's wedding.

my husband took her to their family doctor in KL and instantly, a blood test was done. the test results show that the blood platelet is very low and therefore, could be a suspected dengue case. she got admitted and several blood tests were done. the platelet were going lower and lower but the results still shows dengue negative. we were worried... what else could it be? she was transferred to the HDU and the doctors were playing wait and see game when we thought they should have administered some antibiotics. the doctors knew better, i suppose.

finally, it was dengue positive. everyone's reaction was in irony, alhamdullilah, thank God. she got better and the platelet rose higher. she got discharged and i insisted that she stayed at my place. i cooked for her whatever she wanted and it was fun. her sister, ju came down from penang for a few days and it was merrier.

i wish she had stayed at my place much longer. at least, until she was much stronger or the wave of dengue fever subsided. apparently, almost the entire row of houses where she lived had at least one dengue victim. i could have cooked for her and all she had to do was to supervise the maid and children while i work.

i thank God that my mother in law came out of it well and good, i thank God that my husband was around when she was sick and i thank God it wasn't my children. nevertheless, i still worry since everyone is still exposed to dengue....

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