Friday, June 11, 2010

my two year old's language development

i used to be very worried about my son's language development... the only word that i remember him using is amma (so sweet) but he blabbers and chats away baby talk. all of a sudden at 23rd. month, he demonstrated some development and from thereon i can see that he is picking up more and more words by the day.... i noticed that he could say the words but we need to work on the clarity of his pronunciation.

he was picking up mostly one syllable words beginning with bilabial sounds and now to other words. his current collection of words are:

amma, ball, daddy, car, paw paw, boo boo (instead of poo poo), come, kakak.... says his a, b and c till i (though he points to his eyes the moment daddy taught him to say the letter i). he imitates us reading doa and reciting surahs. this list should be continuing. i must pay more attention so that i know and understand what he is trying to communicate to us.

he used to throw tantrums in the middle of the night should i have delayed in giving him his milk. one day, i scolded him for being difficult after i pacified and fed him milk. i said, next time you want susu, you must say mummy, susu please... he heard what i said half asleep and nodded. the very next day, my sleep was disturbed by some hissing sounds.... i woke up and i heard my son say... sss pis.. i was so delighted! apparently, it wasn't so difficult to teach my son. i praised him and rushed to mix his milk. we both fell asleep again.

way to go little boy!!! may you grow to be an eloquent orator....

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