Sunday, March 2, 2014

my princess turns 7

happy 7th birthday to my dearest darling nadia nasira....may Allah bless you with iman health wealth love and happiness for a successful life in this world and the hereafter.  amin.  

I rremember the day I held you in my arms 7 years ago. there is no words to describe the feelings I had at that time... you gave meaning to my life, you gave me motherhood.  I love you above everything else.  

there are days I couldn't be the best mummy in the world especially when I coach you to be the best in the world. I am sorry if I had pushed you hard but sometimes I'm glad I did because I saw the best in you outshines you. 

there are times when I had been hard on you, I share the feelings with aunty khine and aunty nuff who would encourage mummy to improve and be a better mummy to you. sometimes there is just too much on my plate and that's when all three of you decide to be on the worst behaviour... I couldn't help it those times... I am sorry baby...

mummy always hope that as you grow older life will be so much better for all of us insya Allah.  mummy pray that Allah will bless mummy with so much patience for mummy to endure the cchallenges in raising all of you. 

may we grow up to be the best friends insya Allah.  amin.

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