Wednesday, June 10, 2009

mummy's son

I’m so in love with my son....

wait! wait! don't make conclusions. i love my daughter too, in the trillions but my daughter had always been emotionally independent and also, she is a daddy's girl. we have good times together all the time and yet, able to say bye bye. not so much of separation anxiety. only now that she has a brother and much older, she has learnt to want her mummy more often. she has started to say 'mummy, jangan go office, mummy' each time i drive towards her nanni's house (that's where i leave all of them, including the maid, when i go to work). she even says the same to her daddy.

as for my son, since he had to constantly give his mummy up and settle for his nanni or the maid due to his sister's demands, mummy's household chores and career as well as a lot of other things...he rather have her to himself when he finally gets her. i love the way he receives me in the evening, my daughter too (i think she learnt it from her brother)... something that i look forward to....going home. he really expresses his happiness when he sees me in the evening. he is all laughter, on his knees with hands up in the air wanting to be that he is able to stand, he would pull up on me. he has started his baby talk, he would say all kind of things…. i wish i understood.

being a first time mother, i used to worry whether my baby would love me the most….nothing anyone said was a consolation to me. only, when my son came into my life, he taught me that love of a child towards his/her mother is divine.

no one has made me feel so wanted except for my son. hhhmmm…daddy’s got a competition here!!!

my adorable darlings at 7.00 am this morning...

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