Monday, August 17, 2009

toddlers and feeding time...

i think the biggest problem parents with toddlers have is getting their children to eat.... it is mine and their nanni's, being the caregiver while i am away at work. it is real hard work and frustration (not to mention annoying) when it comes to my daughter and i really hope that my son doesn't follow her footsteps.

when i started to feed them with semi solids, i gave plain rice mixed with breastmilk. slowly moved up the ladder by adding rusks, cheese, brown rice with prunes cereal, home-made porridge (which i make for a 5 to 7 days' supply and freeze them). it worked well for muhammad nashwan nasr but for nadia nasira, it was hard work to get her to eat. their nanni's most unfavourable task, she tries so hard to make the children eat. once they have passed the first year.... there are new dishes to replace the old and more hard work. their typical diet would be...

bread on most days (which has to change and mummy needs to be a bit more creative)
mee hoon occasionally
pasta/spagetti occasionally
tosai (on sundays)
karipap (only the pastry gets eaten)
nasi lemak occasionally for the girl
cheese a must
fresh apple juice
vitagen/yogurt drink/ribena

chicken sup (only the watery part gets past their throat through a straw)
not so soft rice and vegetables in the soup for the boy
fried fish (used to be the favourite, no longer)
or fish curry with lady's finger (the lady's finger for the girl....she loves it and she thinks it is called daddy's finger)
rice and whatever else nanni has on her table for the girl (which 90% doesn't get eaten)
fried unripe banana occasionally
fried tempe occasionally
fried anchovies occasionally
fried egg tofu
fried chicken on a rare occasion
boiled egg

same as the above
bread or pasta for the girl

i wish my children would eat more and acquire taste for food because i love to cook.... i had to think of so many ways to get them to open their mouth, chew and swallow the food....sometimes, it get spat out, you see.... my tricks are to distract them by letting them:

play with a container filled with water
water the plants (the girl)
watching tv
sit by the sink, play with hand washer and water (the girl)
play with playdoh (the boy and it gets eaten sometimes just as i turn away...thank go, it is non-toxic)
run around nanni's garden
watch children's stuff on utube (my latest trick)

there was once or twice my girl rejected food at all, even milk... i made a nazar to fast one day (something my friend zeenath did once...she fasted straight seven days). other times, my mum bought breakfast for madrasah going children back in my hometown.

oh man... i need help... i am not sure if i had started off with the wrong footing in this feeding business...

the day she turned 6 months....her first semi solids

deceiving... she didn't eat it except for a bite

another few bites

the times she did eat something on her own (note the plain rice)
satay stick gets nibbled (not even 1 stick she ate)

this is a show.... i had to run around her to get that slice of bread eaten

muhammad nashwan nasr's first meal

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