Monday, February 7, 2011


muhammad nashwan nasr is officially a preschooler at genius aulad.

we have ended the trial program and registered him for half term. though his is barely reading and writing, we wanted him to have a good time with friends and acquire some social skills. to my surprise, he has begun to show interest in reading and iqra.

i am a bit (a lot) old fashioned when i comes to child raising... i believe in "throw them in the sea (guiding a bit here and there), they will learn to swim ashore". i believe in raising independent and matured as well as responsible children. i don't know how i am going to implement that philosophy because the thought of letting them cycle just outside the gate frightens me.

here is wishing all the best to both my son and his classmate, my daughter who are attending 4 yathrib...

some two weeks ago, he was crying... taknak go school kakak... i used reverse psychology to get him going to school.

oooohh making faces ye....

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