Thursday, January 29, 2009

first day at playschool

both my husband and i wanted to send nadia nasira to a playschool so that she could make friends (since she is extremely friendly that she wants to befriends everyone which really scares us, the parents). we wanted her to learn how to interact with other children along with other things as well. we surveyed what was available and decided on alim kids for a start as we wanted both english and islamic learning environment.

we called up the centre in usj since it was closer to our house and was glad to sign up for a trial session. we, the whole family, accompanied her for the first session and coincidently it was her nanni's birthday. there were about 10 children with their mums and some grandmums too in the class while some of the dads were waiting outside. nadia nasira went straight in, excited as she can be when she sees other children and toys. she sat with me (tried so hard to keep her seated) during the introduction session by her teacher (i have yet to know her name). since nadia nasira has yet to learn how to share, she wanted everything that attracted her and refused to share. she was quite loud as well.

there were singing and learning: capital a and small a; phonics learning - ants on an apple, ae, ae, ae; painting their palms and make palm prints; some barney songs, head - shoulders - knee - feet; going round holding tips of a parachute, swinging up and down; singing i love you, you love me, we are best friends like friends should be, with a big big hug and a kiss from me to you, wont you say you love me too.... concluding with a zikir yaa zal jalaali wal ikram, yaa zal jalaali wal ikram, yaa zal jalaali wal ikram, amitna alaa deenil islam; quequing up to salam and hug the teacher who then gave a mickey chop on one seetie asked for another. in the midst of everything, i had to keep bringing her back to the group as she kept on going off the group to play with other toys in the room.

the class ended with the last session being a refreshment session. there were small round tables with small plates of wafers and chips more and a drink. nadia nasira had a bite of each and a sip of drink. and she ran out again to play.

it was fun for mummy, nadia nasira and her nanni who was watching. the tiring part was to get her to focus.

i couldn't take many pics because she would then want the camera herself and go and take a shot of her own, exactly like her aunty na!!!! thank god, her dad did some recording of her in action.

we then registered her for the complete module....rm200 for a 90 minutes session for 8 weeks....either children nowadays are of high maintenance or parents nowadays working hard, wanting to give their children the best of whatever available. or just us, the metropolitan parents!!!

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